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My new studio

Updated on July 22, 2013
Sumo Films
Sumo Films | Source

2010 -2012

I've written a few Hubs now and they've started to form a shape, but maybe not really revealed a lot to anyone that doesn't really know what I get up to.

I've introduced myself as the bizarre mind behind Sumo Films, a project that was born out of that troublesome little known as being "Bored at Work". So I explained how my little "Doodles" turned into animations, and the often weird creative process behind each project.

Although they are all created with the same amount of care and attention. Quality and tools that were at my disposal have meant and vast gap between what was often written on the the script in front of me and what I ended up making using MS Paint.

The progression through Windows XP, Vista, 7, now using 8, plus using different monitors to give me more screen dimensions were sometimes steps backwards rather than forwards.

I confess to taking a slight unintentional gap year. I started making Hammy's Revenge in June 2011, set the goal that it would be my 100th upload, simple. The problem was I then spent 2012 comfortably attached to my sofa playing Xbox so as you can imagine, not a lot of animating was taking place.

But I was also always getting ideas for projects still, but stopping myself from working because the next upload had to be Hammy.

But everything was a lesson, 100 productions and I hope that I have managed to pick up something along the way. The stories have more foundation, not much, but some. The animation is cleaner and smoother as I become more and more familiar with the frame rates that I want or need to set the animation to play at.

So now that GMan, Hammy and Break Back Office and set in Sumo Films history and only to be interfered with if they get called upon again, I set myself some goals for 2013.

The tools I use

So at the moment I use the nearest available PC which is normally one of two that I currently own. Preferring my desktop at the moment as I can use Windows 7 and have access to Windows Live Movie Maker. And as my desktop is connected to a 20" monitor I have a rather nice viewing area for "Doodling". I am also able to produce HD videos using my desktop and so the whole production is better in that sense.

If I am unable to get to my desktop for any number of reasons (The Kids) but I have an idea that for some reason I just have to do right there and then, I'll grab my laptop. Unfortunately it's a little behind in the technical specifications, but I am able to still have some fun with it.

So for about a year now I've been searching for a new laptop because I've been looking into other ventures and new possibilities, but with what I had it would never have been possible.

I had a few designs in mind and for about a year just kept looking at a Mac, don't know why, something about it was drawing me to it but at the same time there was always something in the back of my head, and when it's a £2000 purchase, if there's any doubt I don't think it should be done, I'm not saying I wouldn't like one, just now isn't the time.

Alienware M17x

The new toy. A laptop that I can sit at and create. Being a gaming laptop it isn't short of power, the 3rd gen i7 should handle itself adequately. The 500GB storage is more than ample space compared to the 40GB my current laptop can offer me, and the Blu-Ray drive is just a bonus. There is a lot more to it obviously and I'll share when I receive and unwrap it.

The other new feature, and possibly the biggest one for me is another OS change with it coming with Windows 8 Pro installed, so that will be an experience I'm sure.

What else?

So that's the Hardware sorted out. What about software? As I've said I've lived off of versions of Windows Movie Maker and it functions as I need it to. But with new ventures will it handle additional tasks.

What else is out there? I know that Adobe have the Elements package and that could be worth looking into but does it offer any more?

Trial versions will be downloaded and tested I'm sure before projects are started so feel free to let me know if you know of any.


I am also now looking at cameras, thinking about shooting some live action. The thing that I can't decide is what to use. I what to purchase something that is handy. I won't be filming all the time. I don't want a professional camera because it will just sit in a cupboard for 11 months.

I have been looking at camcorders and DSLR's thinking which would be the most practical. A camcorder would be handy to have but I am tempted by a DSLR. I have seen some videos shot using them and it might be worth a gamble. If not it's a nice camera for the family holidays :)

And I have purchased a Nikon D5200 the DSLR won we'll see if it was the correct decision soon. I also picked up a Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone to attach to the camera.

Stop Motion Software

Stop Motion Pro

Now that I have been talked into creating these magical little Lego pieces. I have had another change in the software department. Out of necessity really. It was just looking to blocky in places.

So I have had a look around and after trying the trial version I have have gone with Stop Motion Pro.

Lets see how they look now :)

What it was all for.

My 1st live action.

So the studio upgrade, the new camera, all the purchases. It was for something. I want to expand what I create.

I have started running some tests with the Lego but this was it. A live action project. Something short to start with. While I still get the hang of the editing software, but it's a start.

So on ward. I have done it now, I have uploaded me rather than ani-me. I suppose now I will film a 60 minute action adventure. If I can get a cast together.


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