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My Taste in Music - Then and Now

Updated on April 21, 2017

I was drawn to the sound and to the weirdness.

A song from my youth. I can't stand any of his music now.

I have grown away from Pop music

When I was younger, the internet was not as huge as it is now. You could listen to music online, but it wasn't as mainstream as it is now. So the ability to discover obscure music was much more difficult. Partially because of that and partially do to a multitude of other factors, I gravitated towards Pop songs when I was younger.

Because of that, my memories of music from my childhood is often intertwined with what was mainstream and popular. I had interests outside of the mainstream. Bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighter, and System of a Down were and are extremely popular, but I wouldn't call them "mainstream." You most likely wouldn't hear songs from bands like them on Pop radio stations.

But at a young age, I gravitated towards them because in short, they were good. I liked the rock sound. As I discovered more bands like them, I began to fall away from Pop music.

But Pop music did help me find bands that I still like today. One of the first bands that I discovered because of Pop that I wouldn't necessarily consider "Pop music" was Panic! At the Disco. I was a huge fan of them when they came out. Bands like them got me to begin to search for other music like them that I would come to love.

As the internet developed, my ability to find this other music became increasingly easier. The internet has been pretty darn awesome for me.

Spotify and Pandora
Spotify and Pandora

The magical sidebar of YouTube

Why this happened

Part of the reason I started to gravitate towards other genres and artists was in part due to the fact that I was able to more easily find different artists. And once I was able to find these artists, I was able to listen to all their music for free.

One of the great sources to listen to all this music was YouTube. One of the best features of this platform is the "suggested videos" that are shown after the video and down the sidebar. It allowed me to listen to random artists and songs that I would have had a much more difficult time finding on their own. Listening to related artists allowed me to increase the circle of my personal interest of music and to expand my musical interests in general.

Another great service that came out during my childhood was Pandora. Now I use Spotify for the same kind of thing, but back when Pandora was the original personal radio that allowed me to very easily discover all kinds of artists and music.

I never really paid attention genres of music, which would have helped me back then, but I was still able to find my musical interest niche despite that fact.

Interpol-One of the best bands ever

Realizing most people didn't like my taste

One of the sad realities I found with my interests in music is that the vast majority of people don't have the same taste. So hearing about music from friends is much more difficult because I don't like most of the music my friends like.

If the internet wasn't how it is today, I would be stuck with whatever music I randomly found, but now I'm able to get music based on my interests and dismiss all others. I don't have to depend on other's suggestions to hear about new songs or artists.

Something else that I realized when I started to figure out my taste in music is that there is an infinite amount of music out in the world and that I can discover new music forever. I don't ever get stuck in a "rut" where I can't find any new music. I always can find more. And I don't have to depend on other people to help me on that journey, I can simply depend on the internet.

And I have found that this works much, much better than having to depend on other people. Now instead of hearing about new music from other people, I can be the one that tells others about new songs and musicians. Some may call that being a "hipster" and maybe it is. But I get quite a thrill discovering music.

Finding out myself

As I got older I started to figure out things about myself and the kind of person that I wanted to strive to be. One of the byproducts of this self-development that I experienced was that I wanted to expand the music that I listened to and have a wide variety of musical interests. I was tired of getting "bored" with music, so I sought out new music all of the time, and really developed into the kind of musical person that I am now.

I have very little musical background or very much skill at all in music, so all of my preferences that I have developed have been independent of that sort of influence.

Despite myself having a lack of ability in the musical arts, I have always had a personal preference for musicians that sounded really good live. I have never been to a live concert, which is something that I plan to do at some point, but I listen to live performances online all the time. If some artist that I recently discovered sounds really good live, then I instantly develop more of an appreciation of them.

Part of the reason that I believe that I use live performances as sort of a personal gauge of an artist is that they usually sound different from the recording and often times, elements are added to the live performances that make them just as good as the original, if not better.

I believe this sort of thing has caused me to reject music like "pop" or "country" that is a largely homogenous mixture of horrible music. To be fair, I can't giving a sweeping damnation to "pop" music because at times, music I like will become extremely popular and develop into that category of music.

I can, however, say that about country music. All country music sucks. i have never heard a country song I liked. And I have heard plenty. I don't know why this is, but I cannot stand any part of country music. It is possible that I could find a country song I like, but I have extreme doubts of that ever happening.

Where you can listen to my kind of music

If any of you would be interested in the awesome music that I listen to, there are two avenues that are easily available for you all to search from. And if either of these options don't work, let me know. The internet is a great tool, but often frustrates.

The first one is my Spotify. I have provided that link and my user id, if neither of these work to find my profile, then let me know.

  • user:12124392656

The second option is a playlist that I have on YouTube. This link should be the easier of the two to access.

None of my playlists are final, and I'm glad. I'm always searching for new music to listen to endlessly. If any of you have suggestions of songs and/or musicians, put those in the comments below, and I'll check them out.


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