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My top 10 TV shows of all time

Updated on March 5, 2010

Addicted to TV

First of all I'm very addicted to TV. I can't live without it, and I'd like to think that it can't live without me.

I think that the greatest invention of the 20th century was the television, and the greatest invention of the 21st century (thus far) is

I watch my shows on my TV, and when I'm away I can catch them on Hulu. The following are my top favorite shows of all time.

The following are in no particular order. 

The Office

The Office is on this list because it's one of the funniest shows that I have ever seen. Steve Carell is an amazing funny man, and he keeps this show funny and fresh. It's based on a British show also called The Office, but this is just so much better. 


Possibly one of the funniest shows of all time, created and starring one of the funnies comedians of our time Jerry Seinfled. Seinfeld plays as himself in a show that's literally about nothing. Who knew that a show about nothing could be so successful and so funny. 


I don't think that Scrubs will ever finish. It's a hilarious show that follows a resident physician, JD, from his first day of working the ER and every season he grows older and funnier. The cast is amazing, and the comedy is priceless. I prefer this hospital show to every other hospital show (even though House is a close second) -- because it doesn't put on this mask and say that it's based on the real thing. It plainly tells you with the intense comedy that what you're seeing isn't real and doesn't actually happen in real life. 


House is a classic hospital show. It's revolves on this pathologist physician, Gregory House, who is considered the best in the biz. He always solves mysterious diseases at the last minute of the show, and adds a ton of witty humor. Just remember "it's never lupus". 


I have watched this show ever since I was in elementary school. Such a funny show.. and was my favorite show on Comedy Central. It always teaches the audience a lesson about real life current events. Whether it was about homosexuality, or about religion.. South Park has talked about it. Cartman is my favorite character and will probably be yours as well. 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I never watch the news, though The Daily Show with Jon Stewart always brings it to me. This is a 30 minutes comedy central show. Jon Stewart is my hero, he speaks the truth and nothing but that. I just have a crush on him.. that's probably why this Jew-led show is one of my favorite hahaha. 

The King of Queens

The funny Kevin James and the beautiful Leah Remini star in The King of Queens. It's a show about a couple living in Queens New York with Kevin's father in law living in his basement. Kevin, being a heavy set man, married to a very hot Leah they actually have a lot of chemistry on the set. Kevin is just a hilarious man, and Leah brings it out in him. I guarantee that if you see one episode of this show it will be on your top 10 as well. 


This is a sports show that's on ESPN around 6pm every weekday called PTI (pardon the interruption). It stars Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon in an almost endless debate on the most popular headlines. These two could go on and on if they weren't so time limited. Best sports show, period. 


This is a new show, and I was a bit shakey about putting this one on here. It's hard to explain, so I'm going to put the trailer of the show here. Watch it.. you'll love it. It's supposed to be Lost's replacement. 

FlashForward Trailer


Holy shit.. I'm such an anti-drug person, and I enjoyed this drug-endorsing show. It's a show about the very sexy Mary-Louise Parker, who plays a single-mother whose husband dies. She has to support her two sons so she turns into a weed dealer. Over the seasons she digs her self a deeper grave. It's one of the most addicting shows you'll ever see. 

Honorable Mention: 30 Rock

I have always thought of 30 Rock as mediocre NBC comedy that will surly fail. Though I gave it a chance 4 months ago and I ended up renting every season and finishing it in like 3 weeks. It's so funny. It is created by Tina Fey and stars Tina Fey as the writer of for NBC for a show similar to Saturday Night Live (which is by the way is a very funny show). Tina Fey is a comedy genius. 


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