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Three Chick Flicks You Need To Watch (spoilers)

Updated on August 21, 2018
Raven B profile image

Raven is prior military of 3 years and has traveled a lot in that time including one deployment. Now a mother of one and a military spouse.


The Notebook

My all-time favorite chick flick is the Notebook! Guys listen up because this is one of the best movies to watch with a girl.

At the beginning of the movie, it opens up to a man reading a story to a woman with dementia.

The two main characters Allie and Noah come from different worlds and have a relationship that is rocky at best but their love keeps them together. Noah promises Allie a beautiful home and a future together. That is until the mother gets all up in their coconuts and keeps letters away from Allie so that she thinks her summer love has forgotten all about her.

Years pass a war ensues, Allie becomes a nurse and meets a wealthy man that was injured on the battlefield. They get engaged and everything is right in the world. Until Allie sees a picture in the paper of man in front of a white house, with blue shutters.

Distraught over the fact that Noah built the house of her dreams she goes to see him.

Then a battle between her heart, her head, and what her family thinks is best begins. Will love win?

At the very end, you realize that the man reading the story is Noah and the woman with Dementia is Allie. The story that he was reading is their love story.

This is the part where everyone cries... (sobs into pillow)

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Breakfast at Tiffanies

This movie is where my love affair with shiny things began. This amazing throwback to chick flicks of the 60s has a special place in my heart.

If you like the movie "Pretty Woman" You will love this!

Holly Golightly is a Manhatten, high-class call girl that secretly came from a town of nothing and whose real name isn't really Holly. Her real name is Lula and she was married at 15! However, the marriage was annulled and when her heartbroken ex, Doc Golightly, comes to town her neighbor helps get rid of him.

Holly has aspirations to be married to a very rich man but there seems to be a little flame between her and her neighbor, Paul. He is an author that hasn't published a book in quite a while and is a kept man by a married woman who claims to be a decorator.

As the plot thickens and a few trips to Tiffanys later, Paul realizes that he is in love Holly. However, she wants to be a kept woman by a wealthy man named Jose'.

When Jose' finds out that Holly has been accidentally sending secret messages in a crime ring he leaves her!

A distraught Holly takes a cab in the pouring rain with her cat named cat and kicks him out and declares that she is running away to Brazil. Very dramatic. Paul was having none of that and gave her a stern talking to and ran out to find Cat.

Realizing how much of an ass she is, she runs after them, they reunite in a flurry of happiness with the very classicly dramatic scene of a wet new york around them.


Sweet Home Alabama

I could not do a top 3 without including Reese Witherspoon. The best of chick flicks romantic comedies goes to this movie!

Melanie Smutter a poor Alabama girl leaves her hometown and changes her last name so that people to realize she is poor. She is an upcoming superstar in the fashion world of Manhatten. Dating the Mayor's son, Jake, played by Patrick Dempsy, (swoons dramatically) he asks her to marry him! Except for the fact that she is already married everything seems perfect.

She goes back to home in the south to try and make her estranged husband divorce her. The only problem is the whole time she has been away he has been working to finally be enough for her. He refuses to sign the papers and she makes an ass out of herself by insulting his friends, her old friends, and spending all of his money. As the movie goes on she realizes what an awful person she was growing up and she apologizes to the people she hurt.

After Melanie pushed so hard to get her divorce, her husband finally gives in and signs the papers. But did she?

When two of her friends come to see her they take a tour of an excellent glass making company and she realizes that her husband is the one that owns the company. Her feelings for her Non-divorced husband start to reignite.

However, things get a little tricky when her fiance comes to town and realizes that Melanie has lied about coming from old money. He still wants to marry her though even after his mother protests.

They get all the way down the aisle when Melanie suddenly gets stopped by her lawyer. He tells her that she didn't sign the divorce papers. In their haste to find a pen, Melanie has a moment of clarity when she realizes that she is already married to the man she is supposed to be with.

Cue the Lynard Skynard music.

© 2018 Raven B


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    • Raven B profile imageAUTHOR

      Raven B 

      3 months ago from Peyongteak South Korea

      It has been one of my favorites forever!

    • Rachel M Johnson profile image

      Rachel M Johnson 

      4 months ago

      Sweet Home Alabama is fantastic!

    • Raven B profile imageAUTHOR

      Raven B 

      4 months ago from Peyongteak South Korea

      Sorry for all of the spoilers Liz!

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      4 months ago from UK

      Three more films I need to put on my 'to watch' list.


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