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Top 5 Rockbands

Updated on July 22, 2013
The swedish rockband Europe
The swedish rockband Europe | Source

Music is a great way to express emotions

There are few things that makes me feel as much as I feel when I hear good music. To me it really isn't important if it's rock, soul, pop or whatever sort of music. What matters the most is the melody, lyrics and how it touches me when I hear it.

Even if I do listen to everything that I find touching i every category of the huge library of music in the world, when it comes down to it, I am a true rock fan. And now I'm gonna share my top list of bands that always are on my play lists!

  1. The Goo Goo Dolls. This amazing band comes from Buffalo, New York. They are now, and probably always will be my number one band in the world. The lyrics are truly fantastic and well written, and there are a song for every kind of emotion. I have had the pleasure to see them preform live at a club in Stockholm a few years ago, I think it was 2003, and it was an experience I will never forget! I have "Iris" as my wake up-song and I also have it on my list of the worlds best songs, and when I put together a new play list "Here is gone" and "stay with you" are always on it!
  2. Hinder. If it's feeling that you want, and especially the of the miserable type, this band is what you should be listening to! With songs like "Thing for you" or "the best is yet to come" the singers voice goes straight to my heart! (try playing it loud in your car, that's just WOW!)
  3. Daughtry. An American band with former American Idol star Chris Daughtry, who has a very pleasant voice. The lyrics in this bands songs I often get a lot of strength from in both good and hard times. "Learn my lesson" and "Home" Is probably my favorite songs.
  4. Europe. A classic Swedish rockband that was very popular in the 80's, and after a long break actually did and album last year. I grew up listening to this band so there sure is a space in my heart for them always. "Carrie", "Prisoners in Paradise", "Superstitious" or "Cherokee" are all great songs, and also some of their most famous ones. If you like the 80's rock like Bon Jovi, Skid Row or Def Leppard this will do it for you! I can also strongly recommend the singers, Joey Tempest, solo albums which are very, very good!
  5. Volbeat. Danish hard rock at it's best. I just can't ge t enough of this singers voice, I've seen them preform live, and hell he is awesome! Not as much feeling in the lyrics though but the sound and his voice just give me the chills! "16 Dollars" from the latest album or "We" is songs I like a lot! Also I recommend "Still counting" and "Sad man's tongue".

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As you can see the type of band is very similar, and the singers voices as well, and I choose to say that soft rock is the very thing that does it for me.

I hope you take a listen for yourself, as with everything else in this world you can find it on youtube. I hope you find a new favorite song or maybe even a new favorite band in this list. Enjoy!


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    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      4 years ago from Hammond

      Interesting list.

    • Literature Fairy profile image

      Holly Jackson 

      7 years ago from England, UK.

      I think you and I might be the same person! Seriously it's spooky... Goo Goo Dolls are THE BEST band in the world! Bar none.

      Gr8 hub, voted up, LF x


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