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My wife's possessed car

Updated on October 15, 2011

The car

My wife is the owner of a possessed car. Her name is Julia. (The car...Not my wife).

Julia is a 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX. I don't believe Julia is possessed by a demon or an evil spirit. In fact, I'm sure she's not evil. Except to people she doesn't like. That's a fairly short list.

Julia has shown more than once that she doesn't like mechanics that are not gentle with her while making repairs. She lets them know right away by suddenly dropping her hood onto their fingers or shocking them.

Another pet peeve of hers is she doesn't like anyone behind her wheel if they have been drinking. She does not allow drunken people to drive her under any circumstances. She won't let anyone in her driver's seat if they've been drinking... Even if the doors are unlocked, Julia's doors won't open no matter how hard you pull on the handle. My wife and I found this out one evening after I had taken my wife out to dinner and I had drunk a few glasses of wine. My wife said she didn't feel like driving home and she asked me to drive. I really wasn't feeling the effects of the wine, so I agreed to drive. To our surprise, Julia would not allow either of us inside until I was at the passenger door. Then and only then would she allow me to open her door and get in. Needless to say, my wife ended up driving us home that night. It is now common knowledge; Julia loves her owner and will do anything in her power to show her love.

On other occasions, I have witnessed first hand my wife driving Julia for several hours on an empty gas tank before stopping for gas. This practice does not occur often but my wife sometimes forgets to check the gas gauge before leaving on a long trip. Driving with an empty gas tank may sound impossible but I personally have pumped more than fifteen gallons of gas into Julia's ten-gallon tank!

Gradually, over the years, Julia has warmed up to me and she has graciously accepted me as "her owners spouse", I must say, she has been kind enough not to bite me any more in over two years. :)


This is our grandson in Julia in Nebraska
This is our grandson in Julia in Nebraska

Totaled once

Ms. Julia was totaled about seventeen years ago when there was a flash flood in Sidney, Nebraska. Julia had been parked at the curb in front of the house. My wife (She wasn't my wife at that time) was looking out the window, watching the water rising on the street when she saw Julia slowly rise up and start moving away from the house as the water was rising around her. My future wife ran out the front door, into the rising water and grabbed hold of Julia's back bumper in a feeble attempt to stop Julia from floating away. It didn't work. The swift current nearly swept my future wife off her feet and she was forced to let go of the bumper and Julia floated away. The police found her the next day, She had floated about a half mile away from the house and came to rest on the Railroad tracks.

Julia was pronounced totaled by the claims adjuster. A check was written and my broken hearted wife watched hoplessly as Julia was towed away. The next day, she went to the junkyard and bought Julia back for fifty dollars. Julia was towed home. Her computer, carpeting, and most of the wiring were replaced. At last, Julia was good as new.

My wife & Julia in Pine Junction Colorado
My wife & Julia in Pine Junction Colorado

Totaled twice

Julia was totaled again when she and my wife fell off the side of a mountain shortly after we had moved to Colorado. My wife was out looking for garage sales that snowy cloud covered day. She was following garage sale signs when she made a wrong turn and got lost. She wound up on a narrow snow covered dirt road. After several miles down this single lane dirt road, she saw a wide spot in the road and decided it was time to turn around.

When my wife surveyed the area, it looked like there was plenty of room to safely turn Julia around. My wife soon found out, there was a sheet of ice hanging over a cliff making it appear safe enough to make a U-turn. Putting Julia in reverse, she slowly rolled backwards. After a few short feet, the ice began to crumble under Julia's weight. Julia and my wife went backwards down the mountain more than a hundred feet. Julia had stayed upright protecting my wife from injury. When the tow truck pulled her out, she didn't seem to have a scratch on her. However, upon further inspection, Julia's exhaust system had been ripped out and all four shock absorbers were destroyed.

Once again, we were dumbfounded when the adjuster pronounced Julia totaled.

Another check was written and poor Julia was once again towed away to a nearby junk yard. As before, my determined wife went to the junkyard and bought Julia back for another fifty dollars.

Julia was towed home, repairs were made to the exhaust system and the shock absorbers replaced. Sweet Julia was once again good as new.

My wife & Julia in Roswell, New Mexico
My wife & Julia in Roswell, New Mexico

Think "Cristine"

My wife lovingly named Julia after the headstrong character from the sitcom "Designing Women". As for me, my thoughts go to the Steven King movie "Christine". As I've mentioned before, I don't think Julia is evil. I just think she's possessed. By what, I don't know. Ms. Julia does some pretty strange things!

For instance, we have gone on long trips where we needed to keep track of the mileage. After driving several hours, we parked Julia and wrote down the mileage. The next morning, we again wrote down the starting mileage and to our amazement, the odometer had changed overnight. The mileage had rolled backward three miles! We've seen this phenomenon happen many times over the years. The longer the trip, the more mileage she loses.

A couple of years ago, Julia's windshield was chipped by a rock from a truck we were following. There were large spider cracks radiating out from the chipped spot. Over the course of a few months, the spider cracks slowly shrank & disappeared. After seeing the windshield repair itself, our favorite mechanic refused to work on Julia saying, "I'm not going to work on a possessed car"! Too bad, she liked him.

One night, my wife was driving home from a meeting in a town about 55 miles away. It was late and she was driving on a back road with little to no traffic. Out of the darkness, my wife saw something large in the middle of the road. Before her eyes was a deer frozen in the headlights. She swerved to avoid hitting the deer. Julia and my wife went into a spin and they both ended up in a deep, water filled ditch, facing backwards. Julia was still running and her headlights were shining through the water. After a few minutes, a compassionate stranger came to my wife's aid. The stranger walked across Julia's roof and ordered my terrified wife to take his hand and climb out of the car. The police were called and while they waited for a tow truck, the police told my wife there was no way she would be able to drive the car home. They offered to tow Julia to the junkyard, but my wife knew everything would be all right with her beloved Julia.

Julia was pulled out of the ditch as my wife watched through her tears. When her Julia was drug to the top of the road, they all noticed one of her tires had sharp rocks and a small tree limb protruding from the sidewall. Once again, the police told my wife Julia was not safe to drive. But, my wife told the police, "Julia is a very special car and she'll be all right". The police thought my wife was delusional and humoured her with a small smile.

While Julia sat safely on the road again, the officer took his foot and broke off the fragile limb from the sidewall of the tire. My wife opened Julia's door and climbed into the wet, muddy drivers seat. Julia's engine turned over and started with just a bump of the starter. The police told my wife they would follow her to make sure she got home safely. My wife drove Julia to a small town which had a car wash. Julia limped into the stall battered, muddy and water soaked. The police were still amazed Julia was running at all and they offered to pay to have Julia washed. Julia's engine purred, as she was washed clean. However, it was noted, the small tree limb and rocks remained intact through the sidewall of the tire, but the tire did not go flat. To this day, whenever my wife and Julia drive through this small town, the police just wave and smile at them.

The day after the mishap, Julia's tire was changed. To my amazement, I saw the tree branch had punctured the tire all the way through to the other side.

There was one other strange thing that happened. While the mechanic was changing the tire, he noticed a dent in the front fender. He told us that when he touched it, the dent popped out and disapeared. Like it was just waiting for him.


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    • ttagpine profile imageAUTHOR

      George S McChristian 

      5 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Thanks for reading my stories KarrKraft.

      Julia was named 'by my wife' after the strong willed character, Julia Sugarbaker, on the TV sitcom "designing women."

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      If the car is protective of your wife, Julia seems like a male. Have you thought of that? LOL

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love this post. And I'm sorry you had to let her go. It must have been hard for you and your wife. I also think that our family car is "alive" or has a personality all of his own ( I named him Sam by the way) and we both have a love for each other. I know it by the way he treats me . He's alright with people and dosent hurt them. I love being with him and he gives me company. I sometimes talk to him when no one is around or when I get the chance. He listens to me and respects me. I love him.

    • ttagpine profile imageAUTHOR

      George S McChristian 

      7 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      TTidnab; Thanks for reading my ramblings. If you've some good stories, we would love to read them. Maybe you could share some with us.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My Christine is kinda the same.. but nothing I have experienced is made up. I actually have witnesses...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ahh i'me sorry that you had to let her go, wheir you very attached to it,i meen her :) i was attached to ower Vauxhall Cavalier i was sad when my dad had to get rid of it whe have a ford sierra now and i talk to her some times :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ahh i'me sorry that you had to let her go where you verry attached to it,i meen her :) i was know when my dad had to get rid of ower Vauxhall Cavalier

    • ttagpine profile imageAUTHOR

      George S McChristian 

      8 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Thank you for reading my stories Mat.

      I will say this story is fundamentally true. I have witnessed most, but not all of Julia's self repairs and attitudes. What I have seen Julia do is true, therefore I have no reason not to believe what I have not personally seen.

      As for youtube, no I can't. I became disabled about two years ago. Due to the loss of income, we had to sell Julia.

      I will look for pictures and post them here.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      could you do a youtube video of her

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      is it true i like to think that cars are alive

    • ttagpine profile imageAUTHOR

      George S McChristian 

      9 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Thanks WordPlay, I'm really not very good at writing. My wife did some MAJOR editing to make this story acceptable.

    • WordPlay profile image

      Carla Chadwick 

      9 years ago from Georgia

      Wow, what a story. You're a good writer and storyteller. I encourage you to write more!


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