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My Grandson - Cute as a Bug & Silly Too

Updated on March 15, 2012

Okay Hub 2 out of 30 ... Here I go ...

My Grandson Leo turned 4 years old last month. Since the day he was born he's been a happy, smiling from ear to ear baby. That smile now adorns the face of a toddler. He makes me laugh with this cute little comments, how he pronounces words and the joy he finds in the simple things. He loves that I keep a bowl of Dum Dum lollipops so when he visits there is always a special treat for him at Grammie's.

Those are the moment's that make my day. My youngest daughter Brittany is his, Ne Ne which he began to call her from the moment he began to talk. Even though he can say Brittany he will always call her Ne Ne, because as he tells his 2 year old cousin Elizabeth that is his Ne Ne. He is very good about sharing except when it come to his Ne Ne. They have such a close relationship and it warms my heart. He calls the house just so he can talk to her and tell her he misses her.

He doesn't know this yet but that will change in July because he, his mom, sister Haley ( 12 yr old Granddaughter ) and dad are taking over my house and Brittany is going to be living with them. Anyways we all know that he will love having Ne Ne in the same house. He keeps asking her to come live with them in Fitchburg, can't wait to see the expression on his face when he finds out.

He makes Brittany and I laugh so much when we babysit or he has a sleep over with us. One day he was being scolded, was sitting on my couch and I was at the computer desk, he gets up, cover his face with one hand and starts walking towards me. He was peeking through his fingers as her tells me, " Grammie , oh Grammie, I just had it today, I had it with your attitude". I had to turn around so he would see me laugh then compose myself and explain why he was being scolded. He says " That's okay but I still don't like your attitude ".

After that his little imagination had us in stitches. He took our couch cushions off and set them on the floor, they went from being a dinosaur he had to save us from, then sharks, a dragon he had to slay, then he was fixing a ship like Jack Sparrows and Jack came to help. He informed us that Jack broke his arms and couldn't help anymore and he needed tools so into my utensil draw he went and all the serving spoons and spatulas were now his tools. It took him awhile before he finished all the fixing and we were ready to go fight Davey Jones and all those other bad pirates. I can't imagine what we would have done that day if he was there to save us. More recently the cushions her transformers and he was helping them not just save Grammie and Ne Ne, they had to save the world. Those other machines weren't behaving and he really, really didn't like their attitude. They were put in time out and are still in time out until he tells them it's okay to get up. That will probably be the next sleep over.

When he's tired we have quiet time, make a batch of popcorn and watch his favorite tv show Phineas and Ferb. He even has a Perry the Platypus backpack he uses for preschool and sleepovers. Then he decides if he wants to snuggle with Grammie or Ne Ne and quietly falls asleep, sleeps like an angel. Comes the end of a very special day, because any day he's there is special .. more on my other Grandchildren in upcoming Hubs.


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