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My first time_I love them

Updated on June 21, 2014

Espresso and a good read

A Perfect first.
A Perfect first. | Source

I had my first experience today with espresso. I never had an espresso before today so at the age of forty-six I was able to have a first time experience. Experiencing anything for the first time is so soul enriching. Of course, such times are heightened when experienced with someone else, but there are those sweet times when I am alone that the experience is just as rewarding.

Today wasn't starting out very promising. I was having a day of the blues. I slept until eleven thirty in the morning. Normally, seven thirty is my rise time. I was in a funk and I wanted to be out of it. Fortunately, I needed a cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast. I had six dollars and decided I would walk to the bread bakery and one of the many coffees in my area and indulge.

My first stop was the bread store where upon I purchased a mini French bread Baggett. I then walked up a block to one of my neighborhoods newest coffee shops called CoffeePerfect. I never paid attention to what the place was called, just the location where it was at. My bus stop was in front of this place and it was attached to the Beck School of Art.

I knew one day I would try out this place and today was the day. I entered the place noting how clean, modern and bold it was. Red appliances and black granite counters and back splashes grabbed my senses as well as the scent of fresh coffee grinds. A handsome, tall thin man with curly shoulder length tresses greeted me. He was so kind as he described to me that I would not be getting the "Starbucks" variety coffee in is establishment. I would be having coffee done perfect. (Hence the shops name) He showed me the size cup my espresso would come in and steadied himself for my turn and abandonment from his place. But he was the one to be surprised.

I watched this man, passion about his trade; clean my, already clean porcelain cup three times with warm water. He offered then served me a glass of mineral water that he stated should accompany an espresso. Watching him was as mesmerizing as watching Tom Cruise do his thing at the bar in the movie Cocktail. I was very impressed. I was just as impressed with my liquid refreshments.

But more came with this experience. "Frank" as I later found to be the name of the shop owner, also had a wonderful selection of books that he is planning on growing and offering people as a lending book store. Oh, the day just kept getting better for me as I absolutely LOVE a good read. As it happened he had a book on the table that I chose to sit at, that was an extremely thought provoking piece of literature. It was called, "A Few Lessons from Sherlock Homes". This thin little paperback book was loaded with deep material that I feel, when thought upon, cause some positive changes in your life.

For a day that started gray and rather unpromising, it led to smile upon smile for the rest of my day. I can’t wait for my next first time.


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    • Camille Harris profile image

      Camille Harris 3 years ago from SF Bay Area

      Hi Carlon. So nice to read about you improving your entire day by trying something new. It was also nice reflecting on one of my own favorite first times: riding a horse. It happened last year and I shared the experience with two people I truly love. I started the ride quite terrified and uncomfortable, and ended it wanting to schedule my next visit to the farm. Thanks for the invitation to reflect and share.

    • Carlon Michelle profile image

      Carlon Michelle 3 years ago from USA

      Tell me one of your favorite "First Times".