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Myspace: A year in music

Updated on June 26, 2012

Manchester Orchestra

What I Think

Alright so today Myspace came out with a list of 2009's best music according to them. They list 50 artist here and to be quite honest I am not very familiar with most of them...yet. If there was one artist I would want you to check out, they would have to be Manchester Orchestra with their album Mean Everything to Nothing which is number 26 on the list.. This band has amazing lyrics with solid guitar and the lead singers voice is interestingly great. I am planning on seeing them live in March so I will definitely have a hub up here for that. So if you want to hear about that or anything else I might publish I would appreciate you following my hubs :)
Also Green Day is on the list as well as a fairly new band: The Dead Weather which features guitarist Jack White from the White Stripes.

You can look for your self but number 1 on this list was Phoenix with their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix that has the song "1901" which is on the radio now and some commercial I cannot think of. Anyways, it is a pretty catchy song right of the bat. Also they were number 1 on another, another music site. So I would say we can expect great things from this band.

Myspace also listed some of the best music videos of 2009, number 30 being the hilarious "I'm On A Boat" by the Lonely Island. Of course they had the Black Eye Peas, "I Got a Feeling." Manchester orchestra made it on this list too with their video "Shake It Out." The band Rise Against had a serious music video with "Hero of War" about their views on what it is like being a soldier. Some of the top artists on this list were Asher Roth, Green Day, Depeche Mode, and Jay-z. Number 1 was "Lessons Learned" by Matt and Kim, this is a bizarre video but interesting at the same time.

As they mention at the end of the top albums list, 2009 was the year of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and I agree with them whether I am a big fan of either or not. Myspace made a pretty good list of artists I will have to check out. So anybody who reads this please leave a comment on what you think of the list, the best music of 09', or whatever.

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Check These Albums Out

Mean Everything To Nothing
Mean Everything To Nothing

This is Manchester Orchestra's second amazing album.



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