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Mythbusters TV Show Cast and Information

Updated on March 2, 2020
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Kari of Mythbusters
Kari of Mythbusters
Kari of Mythbusters

Have you ever wondered if lighting a fart on fire is really possible? What about tin foil destroying your microwave, swords cutting each other in half, or use of a cell phone while pumping gas causing a fiery explosion itself?

Well now you don't have to worry about being seen on America's Funniest Home Video or Jackass. The cast and crew of the hit American TV show Mythbusters are here to debunk every old wive's tale you can imagine.

Mythbusters is currently sponsored by and aired on the Discovery Channel.

Ask a Ninja visits the Mythbusters Guys

Mythbusters Cast

The Mythbusters Cast consists of:

  • Jamie Hyneman - Beret wearing serious guy, speaker of the Russian language, and visual effects specialist, Jamie is the co-host of Mythbusters.
  • Adam Savage - Builder of things like weapons, dancing vegetables and animated chocolate, Adam is also a toymaker and special effects guy, and co-host of Mythbusters.
  • Tory Belleci - Tory worked with Jamie in a small production company, and has built models for blockbuster hits throughout his career and is now a member of the Mythbusters build team.
  • Grant Imahara - Radio control specialist and model maker, Grant worked with Tory at Industrial Light & Magic. Now a member of the build team, he is better known for creating the circuitry which keeps the Energizer Bunny's arm going.
  • Kari Byron - Resident Hot Geek Girl, artist, sculptor and painter, Kari is the ray of sunshine which brings a certain spunk, vibrance and sex appeal to Mythbusters.

Together, the build team and the hosts, along with special guests, debunk and disprove all those old wive's tales, myths, urban legends and oddities from the tabloids. There is comedy, and the show seems to be part comedy, part reality tv, mostly science.

The premise of the show is brilliant. The cast members take things that you hear mentioned with the prefacing statement of "Hey, did you know that.." and either prove or disprove it in hilarious and innovative ways. The things they do to their poor crash test dummy will make you laugh and cringe!

Beware! Watching this show can cause entertainment and sponsor interest in science!


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