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NAS And Kelis, New Baby And Divorce

Updated on May 7, 2010

Rapper Nas And Singer Kelis

     Nas and Kelis welcomed their new baby boy named "Knight" on Tuesday July 22nd 2009 at about 2 am in New York City after three days of labor and pain. The new baby was born with Kelis' sister and mom in the room at the time of birth and weighed a healthy 7.8 lbs at birth. Nas was supposedly drunk when he got to the hospital to witness the birth of his second child and was denied the right to enter the hospital. For everybody who is about to talk negative, at least he was there though. Some dudes do not show up sober. He was allowed in later once he had sobered up.

     Kelis is still bitter over the divorce that they are going through. Matter of fact they had to postpone a divorce hearing because of Kelis going into labor. She claims that Nas is filthy rich and he won't give her any money except for if it is court ordered through spousal or child support. She is rumored to have cheated on Nas with another rapper but she also has accused Nas of infidelity as well with a 23 year old woman who is a club owner's daughter. Kelis is also said to have cheated numerous times with other's but it has not been confirmed. A cousin in Kelis' family said that they used to fight all the time and be very mean to each other. The final straw was when a sex tape surfaced with Kelis and another guy. Nas was completely humiliated off guard. Kelis had claimed that the sex tape had been made way before their relationship had started but evidently Nas is not buying it.

     On Thursday, July 23rd 2009, Nas and Kelis appeared in court and she was awarded $44,000.00 a month for child support and spousal support. Way more than Nas had planned to give which was only $4,000 a month. In addition to that he has to also provide the money for the babies nurse, prenatal exspenses and medical insurance. As if that is not enough, he also has to pay Kelis' high priced celebrity lawyer, Laura Wasser, a whopping $35,000 in fees.

     I ain't saying she's a gold digger but what baby needs that much money monthly?? This is a legal heist and Kelis has said according to reps close to her that she is "gonna get that nigga for all he got". I do not know what this revenge thing is about but it is also claimed that she got pregnant on purpose after she already knew they were headed for divorce. I do not take sides in situations like this but this is just ridiculous money. I know that Kelis feels like she should be able to uphold the lifestyle she grew accustomed to but come on now girl, you are an artist yourself. Make another album lady and stop looking like a gold digging baby mama!! What about donating some of that loose money to a charity or Africa AID's research?? People are crazy.

     I honestly think that they were a cute couple but the cheating rumors are just too much to deal with when you are in the spotlight. I just hope that the baby does not get pulled into this mess with custody battles and visitation issues. That is never good for any kid whether you have celebrity parents or not. God bless you Nas, Kelis and the new baby boy Knight.

Nas And Kelis Pics

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NAS And KelisNAS And Kelis On Their Wedding DayNAS And Kelis ~ Happier TimesKelis, Her Mom And Her Sister At Her Birthday PartyNAS And Kelis ~ Happier Times ~ New Year's EveNAS And KelisNAS And KelisNAS And Kelis At The MTV AwardsKelis
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis On Their Wedding Day
NAS And Kelis On Their Wedding Day
NAS And Kelis ~ Happier Times
NAS And Kelis ~ Happier Times
Kelis, Her Mom And Her Sister At Her Birthday Party
Kelis, Her Mom And Her Sister At Her Birthday Party
NAS And Kelis ~ Happier Times ~ New Year's Eve
NAS And Kelis ~ Happier Times ~ New Year's Eve
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis
NAS And Kelis At The MTV Awards
NAS And Kelis At The MTV Awards

Kelis Albums

NAS Albums

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The baby should live the same lifestyle as his father.

    • stacies29 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Washington DC

      okayyy!! I could not agree more

    • profile image

      Lyrical Stress 

      8 years ago

    • profile image

      SEXY R 

      8 years ago

      I think Kalisa should be able to get her own money she fucking everybody. She should have figured out how she was gonna live before she started fucking everybody nasty bitch.


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