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NBA 2K20: 20 Teams That Should be in NBA 2K20

Updated on August 14, 2019

It’s been two years since we had new classic teams


What’s up, guys, it’s Tavon here, and I’m back for another blog about NBA 2K20. So 2K just released the new WNBA trailer and it was pretty good. I’ll talk about the WNBA in the next blog, but for now, I’m going to discuss one thing that should make 2K20 greater than any 2K before: More Classic Teams. It’s been two years since we had new classic teams and seeing how the NBA is now moving into a new era of basketball to look forward to in the 2020s, I think 2K should add more classic teams to start this new era off. With the NBA always changing, it would be pretty nice to have all of our favorite players and teams back then to play them in 2K. And so, I’m going to talk about 20 teams that should be in NBA 2K20 this year. Most of the teams I’m going to talk about, I had them on a list for them to be in 2K19 last year when the legend edition cover athlete was unknown and I thought it was gonna be Dirk. But now it’s already August 2019, we can already agree that 2K didn’t even had a Legend Edition Cover Athlete for 2K19. I had another list of 20 teams to be in the game, some of them to be the same from the other list, some of them to be different, if there was a Legend Edition Cover Athlete, but 2K didn’t had a Legend Edition Cover Athlete last year, so I left that other list blank. So I’ll use that concept of having most of the teams from the list in this blog, while I have added a couple of them in my mind that I never added before to be in this blog because I know 2 teams (I’m figuring out one of them as I go along with this) that I think fit perfectly well in NBA 2K20. So here’s the 20 classic teams that I think 2K should put in the game.

#20 2012 Charlotte Bobcats

Oof! This team
Oof! This team

Now hear me out on this one. Yeah, I know this team in real life was pretty bad. They’ve only won 7 games of the 66 they’ve played. They played 66 games because of the lockout that season. But if you think about it, you can rewrite history for this Charlotte Bobcats team for fun if you want to. This team was so bad and less talented that they would hold the worst regular season record of all-time, beating the 1973 Philadelphia 76ers record of 9-73, and finishing the season with a losing streak of 23 games. To this very day, they still have the worst record of all-time. But this Charlotte team if you look at them rosterwise, they’re not that bad. They had Gerald Henderson, who would lead the team in points that year with 15.1. Kinda average but relatively okay. They had Corey Maggette who was a great three point shooter. He was this team’s best three point shooter, as a matter of fact. You’ll see that D.J White actually leads the team with 100% three point percentage, but that’s because he only shot one three point attempt and made that three, and he’s a power forward, so it’s not the era where power forwards and centers would shoot threes like today yet. But anyways, he was second in team scoring. He was alright. You got D.J. Augustin who is the best free shooter of the team, although Jamario Moon, just like D.J White with three point percentage, he leads with 100% free throw percentage but only with two free throws, so that doesn’t help much in cluch moments. He contributed with 11.1 points a game and was the team’s second best three point shooter and could’ve done better had this squad had better game. And of course, who could not forget Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo who began their careers with this team and oof, do I feel bad for Charlotte nowadays, because if you thought that Michael Jordan letting Kemba go to Boston was literally stupid as hell, well, the fact that Kemba would show his amazing skillset for the future to come, only for Charlotte to cement their terrible talent in the record books to be the worst team of all-time in the NBA is just more stupid as hell than that. This team’s defense was in the bottom 4 of the league, despite Biyombo leading the team with 1.8 blocks. And he was just a rookie like Kemba. Kemba and Gerald both lead the team together with 0.9 steals, along with Eduardo Najera, who you may be familiar with, with Dirk in Dallas. Even tho this is a bad team, you’d have to imagine that if Kemba had been the player he would be now and if this team had better defense, they probably would have made the playoffs. Would making the playoffs have Michael Jordan interested in keeping Kemba in the long run? Would Charlotte be a team that would put Lebron on high alert when he was still in the East? It’s hard to know, but if this team is in NBA 2K20, Charlotte fans can finally end their suffering and rewrite history if they want to.

#19 2014 Charlotte Bobcats

Ah, yes, another Charlotte Hornets team, why another Charlotte Hornets team, you may ask? Well, that’s because this Charlotte Bobcats team actually did way more better than the other one two years ago. They’ve won 43 games and made it to the playoffs as a 7 seed. Unfortunately, they ran into a problem. They were facing off a Miami Heat team that was already too good for them to start. They got swept by the Heat in the first round, so unfortunately, they couldn’t go any further. But don’t fret, this team is good for a 7 seed. Kemba’s still on the team and he improved a little bit more this year. He scored 17.7 points a game, which is actually what he scored the season before, this is his second straight year scoring that amount of points. He’s not the only one who played well to get to the playoffs. Who really contributed to this team going to the playoffs was Al Jefferson. He led the team with 21.8 points and was a great defender at that. He and Biyombo led the team together with 1.1 blocks, in which both of them were great defenders. They still had Gerald Henderson, who was a good scorer, and they got Anthony Tolliver, who was the team’s best three point shooter. It’s crazy to say what if this team would beat Miami, but had this team be at least a little bit better, they probably would have been a higher seed. But, once again, it shows you what if Michael Jordan wanted Kemba to stay. But of course, nowadays, Charlotte is rebuilding, so, this Charlotte Hornets franchise kinda won’t be a championship contender until then.

#18 1997 Vancouver Grizzlies

So we already got two Memphis Grizzlies teams, but what about a Memphis team that was a Vancouver Grizzlies team? I chose this one because we have a player that a lot of us don’t know a lot about today but he was supposed to be back then, among the very greatest to ever play. And that player is none other than Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Shareef was selected third overall by the Grizzlies and was thought to be the star that was gonna change the future of the Grizzlies. And it seemed that way. He scored 18.7 points a game, which would be a franchise record at that time. But if you look at his career with the Grizzlies, he tried all he could to lead his team to glory, but they just was never good enough to make the playoffs. Just like the other two Bobcats teams, if this Grizzlies team was better, they would have made the playoffs. And who knows, Shareef might have changed a lot from Memphis had he stayed with them.

#17 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers

This team tried to do all it can
This team tried to do all it can

Of course, who could not forget the team that immediately got worse after losing Lebron? This is one of those teams I feel like, could have made the playoffs, could they wanted to, but they just didn’t. They had Antawn Jamison, who lead the team with 18 points a game. They got Baron Davis, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, and Anthony Parker. If you honestly want to rewrite history with this team, you can do that. Antawn Jamison was a good player and probably would have had a championship in his career, had he stayed in the league longer.

#16 2012 Philadelphia 76ers

Ahhh yes, Iguodala when he was in Philly
Ahhh yes, Iguodala when he was in Philly

This 76ers team, if you think about it, overachieved in a way. They upsetted the #1 seed Chicago Bulls team in six games, in which Derrick Rose would get injured in that series that would change the Bulls forever. Despite this team being amongst the other 4 teams to upset the #1 seed teams, they still lost to the Boston Celtics in seven games in the second round. This team had Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Lou Williams, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Jodie Meeks, and they even had Nikola Vucevic, who was drafted by them that year, only to be traded the next season, which was kinda a slap in the face. Imagine if this team did beat Boston in the second round. It would be cool to have a Eastern Conference Finals matchup of the now-rising 2012 Heat against the going-to-be-on-the-comeup 76ers team that seems to have a bright future ahead.

#15 2014 Brooklyn Nets

This superteam was good, but injuries plagued them bad
This superteam was good, but injuries plagued them bad

I know all you Brooklyn fans are excited for this season with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving about to change Brooklyn forever, but before you enjoy this season with those two for the first time, I want to go back to the last time when Brooklyn had a superteam. You all, of course, have remembered that trade that Brooklyn made with Boston that would be considered to be one of the worst trades of NBA history. Brooklyn would acquire Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry. Those three would immediately make Brooklyn a superteam as those three would go alongside with Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, and Shaun Livingston, who was literally on this team one year before winning his first championship with Golden State. This team would be dominant, but due to age, injuries were prone to happen, which unfortunately, led this team to fail the hype. They would make the playoffs and upset the Toronto Raptors in seven games in the first round, but they lost to the Heat in five in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. So this team had a good run in trying to win a championship, but due to injuries, they just didn’t have it that long. But imagine if everyone stayed healthy. Would they have ranked higher? Would they face the Heat off in the Eastern Conference Finals instead? It would be cool to change the future of the Nets forever and see if they still might land Kevin and Kyrie.

#14 2015 New Orleans Pelicans

This team was good, but not good enough to do well in the playoffs, unfortunately. They would be swept by the eventual champions Golden State. This team still had Anthony Davis and he was impressive in his first season making the playoffs. He put up 24.4 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 2.2 assists, averaging a double-double. Jrue Holiday did well on this team. There’s Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Norris Cole, one year after playing with Lebron and the Heat one last time, Tyreke Evans, and wow, of course, we have Jimmer. Jimmer, would of course, finally come back to the NBA this year, playing with the Phoenix Suns. With a team like this, New Orleans probably should have been ranked higher and definitely would have been a threat to Golden State.

#13 1997 Los Angeles Lakers

The beginning of Kobe and Shaq
The beginning of Kobe and Shaq

Ah, yes, Kobe fans. Seeing how we all know Kobe as a five-time champion, why not have him as a rookie? Yes, he wasn’t the Kobe we all know and love. He only scored 7.6 points a game. But what if he was the Kobe we all know and love from the start? It would be fun to play with Kobe and instantly improve him and try to win a championship in his first season.

#12 1991 Boston Celtics

Y’know what, seeing how Boston underachieved this season, it would be great to have another Celtics team. Who’s the one player who’s on this team? Larry Bird, of course. As you all know, this time period of Larry Bird proved to be the toughest for him. He, and the team would play like themselves from the 80s, but Bird had back problems that would have him miss several games, and the team would pretty much struggle without him. Despite this, the Celtics still made it to the playoffs and would be the #2 seed. But they still lost to Detroit in six games in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. If we could play this team, it would be cool to imagine. Would the Celtics make it to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Bulls? Would Michael Jordan finally have vindication of him being better than Larry Bird? It would be cool to see how that goes.

#11 1999 Dallas Mavericks

Dirk from his beginnings
Dirk from his beginnings

This team seems great to use as well. Just like the 1997 Lakers, where you have rookie Kobe, you can have the 1999 Mavericks to have rookie Dirk. So, it’s been 21 years since Dirk got drafted and well, he just retired already. I’ll miss him, but man, I kinda wished he played for one more, cuz honestly, he’s never played with Porzingis yet. It was awesome to see him play along with Luka Doncic, but it was crazy that the New York Knicks, of all the dysfunctionality that they had for the last, what, 20 years now, traded Porzingis away after just having him for four years since they drafted him. It would be cool to see a big three of those guys. But before we put 2011 Dirk on the 2020 Mavericks just yet, it would be great to start Dirk’s career all over again. To see if Dirk could win more championships would make Dirk’s career tremendous as it always has been.

#10 1985 Houston Rockets

Of course, another Houston Rockets team. As a matter of fact, it’s another NBA Legend as a rookie team. Hakeem Olajuwon! It’s great now that James Harden has reunited with Westbrook to have another Houston Rockets to cheer on since unfortunately, Chris Paul didn’t work out, which is a shame because I don’t think nobody told Daryl Morey to make a damn decision of waiving Melo. But before we have fun with Harden and Russ, it’s fun to look back on the past of Houston and it starts with Hakeem. Hakeem has had a great career and is considered among the greatest players of all-time. Seeing how great the Houston Rockets were in winning back-to-back titles, it would be great to start Hakeem’s career all over again, just like Dirk’s. Maybe we can finally put Michael Jordan and Clyde Drexler on this team and have the what if scenario come true to life. That would be gnarly.

#9 2011 Minnesota Timberwolves

Kevin Love before his superstardom in Cleveland
Kevin Love before his superstardom in Cleveland

It would be cool, in my opinion, to have a Kevin Love Timberwolves team. Before Kevin Love went to Cleveland and won a championship, we knew him from Minnesota. Kevin was always playing like a All-Star, but the rest of the team wasn’t always good enough to make the playoffs. This team had Michael Beasley, who was putting up good numbers, and Luke Ridnour, who was solid but didn’t have potential yet to be more better. Despite this team being somewhat good, they missed the playoffs entirely by being the worst team in the league, being ranked 15th in the Western Conference. They had the worst record, which means they had the highest chances of winning the #1 pick, but unfortunately, we all know the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the help of the Clippers, in which they acquired their pick, won the lottery and was able to get Kyrie Irving. The Timberwolves ended up picking 2nd and they got Derrick Williams, in which he seemed to be a great player, but he’s had ups and downs seasons, so it was kind of a shell shock. That means had if the Timberwolves won the first pick, they might have selected Kyrie Irving, which means Kyrie and Kevin Love would have also co-existed in Minnesota as well. But I necessarily don’t want that, even tho it’s cool and all, I rather just play this team and see where it goes from there. Would they have made the playoffs had they been more better? It would be cool to play Kevin Love to see if he had what it takes to be more than a valuable teammate to Lebron.

#8 2006 Dallas Mavericks

Those refs from the 2006 Finals might get their asses kicked in 2K by this team
Those refs from the 2006 Finals might get their asses kicked in 2K by this team

Speaking of Dirk, it would also be nice to add another Dallas team. So for another Dallas team, why not the 2006 Mavericks that almost had the championship had it not been for some…. questionable calls? This Dallas team was ranked 4th in the Western Conference and beaten Memphis in the first round, just sweeping them, upsets San Antonio in the second round in 7 games, and they upset Steve Nash and the Suns in 6 games in the Western Conference Finals. They had Dirk alongside with Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse, and Keith Von Horn and had a lot of three point shooters to make this team as good as it has been. Would the same happen in 2K? Would Dallas finally win the championship after being in a league full of refs that were not controversial? Would Miami wait 5 years til then to win against Dallas in 2011, getting revenge, making that series vice versa? Would Lebron win his first championship one year earlier than in real life? This Dallas team also joins the fun in what if scenarios.

#7 1981 Boston Celtics

Another Celtics team, and this one is good to use considering how the future of the Celtics is looking without Kyrie Irving. It’s good to look back on teams’ history because it shows you what good times these franchises had in the moment. And yes, this one screams Larry Bird. Larry Bird with this team would win his first championship of his career. As amazing as it was for Larry Bird to win his first championship, it was a moment in which all of us would know that Larry Bird was gonna be one of the greatest of all-time and one of the greatest Celtics of all-time. We’ve seen some good moments with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and they might win their first ring in Boston in the later future. Will their first championships in Boston be as special as Larry Bird winning his? Absolutely. But they have to get it going for this Celtics team that seems to be getting more underrated as seasons go by.

#6 1980 Los Angeles Lakers

Magic as a rookie
Magic as a rookie

Another Lakers team, and this is a good one to have seeing how the 2020 Lakers might be as great as this team. This was Magic’s first season, and as you all know, Magic would win his first championship as a rookie. Magic as a rookie would already turn into a superstar and lead his team to a NBA Championship. It was a blast for this Lakers team to win that year because Magic was perhaps, in his generation, the most overhyped player to play in the NBA and he lived up to it, which shows because he’s a five-time champion. To have this team alongside with today’s Lakers would make a great dream match.

#5 1983 Philadelphia 76ers

Doctor J and Moses
Doctor J and Moses

Another 76ers team, and this one, I feel like you just gotta have it, seeing how the future of the 76ers is going well. This 76ers team led by Julius Erving and Moses Malone would win the championship against the Los Angeles Lakers. This would be of course, Julius Erving’s first and only championship, so it makes it that special. Perhaps when Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons win their first championship, their championships will be as great as Julius’s.

#4 2012 Los Angeles Clippers

Lob City!
Lob City!

Oh My God, there needs to be a Lob City Clippers team. It’s been three years since Lob City ended when Chris Paul went to the Rockets. That trio of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan was a fun team to watch and play with. If this trio had stayed longer, they would have had a chance to go to the NBA Finals. I chose this team because this was the first time Lob City happened. And it’s a shame that it only lasted for 6 years. It was a good run, I guess. But if we get this team, we can change the outcome of this team by starting all over. Lob City can be saved!

#3 1993 Phoenix Suns

People been begging for this team
People been begging for this team

That’s right, y’all! I had to bring the big guns with this one. 2K, for Pete’s Sake, please pay the NBA Retired Players Association and NBA Players Association a million dollars each and talk to Charles Barkley to bring the 1993 Suns. Ever since 2K11 gave us classic teams, people been begging 2K for them to come in the game. This team led by Charles Barkley would be a great team to play with alongside with the fact that the 1993 Bulls are already in the game, who faced off this team in the NBA Finals. It would be awesome to recreate the 1993 NBA Finals to see if Charles wins a ring this time. I hope they put this team in, because not only are them along with the other teams are more classic teams, this finally gives us a chance to find more teams to put in the game next year. You have tons of money more than 2 million, 2K. You got this in the bag.

#2 2008 Toronto Raptors

Bosh with dreads before he went to Miami
Bosh with dreads before he went to Miami

Yes! I had to honor the Raptors for winning the championship this year by having them have another Raptors team. Before I get into more about this Raptors team, I just want to say that I had the 2015 Hawks and 2015 Wizards on my list at 16th and 17th, but I didn’t put them in this list because I felt like two teams that were not on the list really had to be on 2K20, so I brought all the other teams above them two spots below. Anyways, now that the Raptors have won the championship, it would be nice for 2K to add a Raptors team. I chose this one because I think 2K should honor Chris Bosh and the Raptors as a whole. Chris Bosh, just like Vince Carter, played extremely well to make the playoffs, but didn’t make the Finals. Chris Bosh would be, in Toronto’s eyes, one of the best Raptors they have ever had. And seeing how they did all they can to contend, it just wasn’t enough. This Raptors team would be the last Raptors team that had Chris Bosh that made the playoffs. And so, Bosh went to Miami, and won two championships. And it’s sad that we don’t get to see him play again due to blood clots. Hopefully, maybe, Chris Bosh gets to play again, but it takes time, and so, seeing how great Chris Bosh is, which he is, it would be awesome to have this Raptors team.

#1 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers

The best team of all-time
The best team of all-time

Yes! Of course, the team that absolutely deserves to be in the game, and it doesn’t make sense as to why 2K hasn’t put them in yet. For one thing, if y’all haven’t noticed, 2K still has the sorry ass 2016 Golden State Warriors that lost to these Cavs in the most embarrassing fashion ever. Nowadays, this team is pretty much still ass because last year, they made them inaccurate. By putting this team in 2K18, they literally snubbed the 2016 Cavs. Why didn’t you put this team in 2K19? This team beat the 2016 Warriors and won the championship, becoming one of the best teams of all-time. They proved to the whole world that they was the best team of the NBA and that they would be a dynasty. This team is the most realist team of all-time in the NBA, and so, 2K should put them in here, because it wouldn’t be the Cavs-Warriors Rivalry without them.

That’s all


And that’s all the teams that I think 2K should put in NBA 2K20. It would be fun for 2K20 to have more classic teams, because, well, it’s already the turn of a decade, in which the NBA 2020’s are already beginning and it’s going to be a great start for 2K to begin it. It would be a shame for 2K to not add any more classic teams, because, like I said, it’s already a new era of basketball, and it would feel kinda sloppy for 2K to overhype this game, only for it to be an “alright” game. So, hopefully, 2K realizes that this year should be the biggest year of all-time for NBA 2K, because I know I can’t wait to see what they improved on, in which it might be the best 2K ever. So, thanks for checking out this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m Tavon, and I’ll see you guys later.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Tavon Jamison


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