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NBC, You Left Me Hanging!

Updated on December 24, 2011

The Cape

The Cape

Yesterday evening I ran across something new (to me at least) in Netflix Streaming. A T.V. show that aired on NBC. It was called "The Cape", and was about a cop who was framed and apparently killed, he can never let his wife and son know he is alive or they will be killed. But he doesn't want his son to believe he was the bad man, so he takes on the persona of his son's favorite superhero in order to tell his son "his father" was innocent, and to impart other encouraging advice, as well as to go after the man who ruined his life.

I really, really, enjoyed this show. As you can see, I said "enjoyed" as in past tense. When I went looking for the trailer to the show to post it, I was shocked at how many people did not like it. For some reason, they thought it a farce and especially disliked that the superhero was an emotional man...Which would only be natural if he deeply loved his wife and son and was forced to avoid them while watching them suffer for and because of him. Apparently those people feel he should have been more hard hearted and cold. Personally I thought that was one of the shows strong points...As well as the fact that this superhero had no super powers, just a cape made of spider silk that was tougher than kevlar and lighter than...well, spun sugar. More than that, he had honor and courage and love...that is truly what made him a superhero.

Sadly, it did not go over well with the public and was cancelled after only ten shows...and ended up leaving me hanging. Unfinished business. I will never know how things get resolved or if he is ever reunited with his family or if Orwell gets rescued from her demons. I really, really hate that...Like reading an awesome book only to discover that the last few chapters had been ripped out of it.

I don't understand why people go crazy over shows that are super violent, have half naked women in it or full of sex and swearing...What ever happened to good wholesome shows and the desire to watch them? Has society sunk so low that all it wants to see is the worst humanity has to offer it? It is those other shows I just mentioned that has turned me off of T.V. I miss good shows that left you feeling opposed to leaving you feeling sick or depressed.

Please bring back The Cape and shows like it...As if that will ever happen.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Hello RobWrite...thank you so much, i will definitely search it out. i guess since i never saw the old style you speak of i had nothing to be disappointed in. again...thank you and have a great day.

  • Robwrite profile image


    6 years ago from Oviedo, FL

    Hi timcgaa; I was really looking forward to "the Cape" before it came out and I saw all the episodes. Sadly, I have to say it left me a bit disappointed. I expected more from it. They tried to capture that old Pulp style fun but never succeeded.

    A finale of the show was filmed that wrapped up the series. It never aired but if you want to see it, you should be able to find it on Hulu.



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