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NCIS Fan Script

Updated on February 13, 2011

I got the idea for this two part fan base episode while watching Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. 

Part One (NCIS) (cliff note version)

McGee and his sister Sarah are attending a new book signing for McGee’s new book. Sarah having finished collage wants to spend time with her big brother. Ducky happens to be there to purchase a few books and reluctantly buys one of McGee’s new book. Due to a previous crazed fan, Gibbs had McGee carry his gun with him. Just in case.

All of a sudden, a man with an oversized back pack frantically runs into the place followed by others who start firing towards him. As people try to find cover others run out of the book store, multiple shots are fired as a van is heard speeding off. As everyone is calming down, the final scene shows Ducky treating McGee who is unconscious, three dead men and McGee’s sister standing over another dead body holding McGee’s gun.

-Cue opening theme song-

Everyone is carried to the Naval hospital and quarantined. Ducky tells Gibbs on how he is surprised how popular McGee’s books are to people, eventually telling of a guy carrying an oversized backpack running from a group of men. As the terrorist start to shoot into the store regardless of the innocent bystanders, he gets hit but as they made their way through the store, McGee already has his gun drawn, identifying himself as Ducky helps Sarah cover for safety. 

McGee kills one but is quickly hit by others shooters. As two of the terrorist grab the guy and the backpack to carry him into the van, other terrorists make their way over to McGee, Sarah grabs McGee’s gun that is lying on the floor and shots one man dead. Hearing shots, the other terrorist fires into the store as Sarah continues firing at them as they leave the scene quickly in the van. Gibbs and team get word that someone who was exposed to the gas is now dead. McGee is in surgery while Ziva talks with Sarah about her events of the incident and where she learned how to shot like that.

Tony gets the surveillance video tape as everyone watches it. Tony and Ziva are wondering about what McGee wrote about them in this book as Tony produces a copy with a few pages ready for reading as Gibbs takes the book and throws it behind his desk. Tony makes a comment about ‘girls with guns’ to which Gibbs replies that there would have been three dead bodies if it wasn’t for Sarah. With Abby’s help, they’re able to get a positive ID from the video.

Gibbs and team starts tracking down the terrorist only to find the van at an airport with 3 dead terrorist, plus the guy who was originally carrying the backpack. The backpack is missing but except for the one guy who was killed for the backpack, the other three were killed by the gas that came out of it. Eye witness says that the van basically nearly crashed as they came to the airport but another SUV was there and 2 men wearing mask grabbed the backpack and left on a small plane.

After running background on those in the van, Gibbs gets a visit from Tobias Fornell. The one running from the terrorist with the backpack is a deep undercover FBI agent who was trying to get away and alert him when he was spotted near the bookstore. They find a flash drive on his body with all the info they need about the gas. They track the plane to another state and find out more info on the terrorist plans. Similar to James Bond’s Goldfinger, the terrorist are planning to make a nerve gas and on multiple airplanes, spray the gas over cities during major sporting events. They find the terrorist main location and take them out and were able to find the locations of the other airports being used in other cities. Other NCIS and FBI units are called in to deal with them as well. As they wrap up operations Gibbs gets a phone call saying McGee has turned for the worse and other people are showing signs of the gas taking effect with 2 more deaths. The team gets samples of the gas. One goes to Abby and the other one to the hospital in hopes of an antidote. The scene cuts to Ducky and Palmer are preparing to do an autopsy when Ducky collapses to the floor.

End of part one

Part Two  (cliff notes version)

Ducky is in quarantine with other people who were exposed to the gas as he is having a conversation with Gibbs. Tony goes to autopsy to talk with Palmer about what happened to Ducky and if anything from the dead men in the van. Palmer is still shaken a bit but gives his report as Tony leaves to see Abby. She has a makeshift shrine set up for McGee and while talking with Tony she appears frustrated at losing McGee and that the gas is different than what the formula is saying it should be.

McGee comes out of another surgery as Sarah is still by his bed. Gibbs shows up to check on him as Ziva calls with another lead from footage from the airport shows another person getting on the plane. Once off the phone with Gibbs, Ziva takes a quick break to read a few pages of McGee’s new book as Tony sneaks behind her. Startled they compare notes on who’s who and how to get even with McGee.

At the hospital Abby is having a video conference with the head Doctor on the results of her finding. She is able to get a video feed of McGees room which she keeps open the entire time while she is working in her lab. Abby deduces that the formula had been changed and is no longer the severe nerve gas type it once was but is still dangerous. She figures out the undercover agent had been slowly changing the formula of the gas but before he could make it even weaker he was exposed and had to run for it.

Giggs gets the update from Abby as Fornell and he head up to see Ziva on what she found. The image turns out to be the head terrorist who, through one of her contacts, is taking the formula and offering it to the highest bidder after using the gas on a highly populated area as a demonstration. Everyone stars searching for a lead on this guy as word comes from Director Vance that two more people have died and Ducky is starting to get worse.

Abby is in tears as she hears the news and works frantically as she keeps saying something isn’t right. As she stares at the TV image of McGee in bed she finally figures it out. Sarah, who was exposed to the gas just like everyone else in the bookstore, is not showing any signs of being effected by the gas. Taking to the Doctor at the Hospital, Abby gets a sample of Sarah’s blood and starts running test. All this is happening as Tony is able to get a location of were the head terrorist is planning to release the gas for his demonstration; Fourth of July event at the Washington Nationals Stadium.

Gibb’s and team head for the stadium as Abby talks to Sarah about why she isn’t affected by the gas. As they talk for a while the conversation drifts towards McGee as Abby finds out that he talks to Sarah about her a lot. Abby realizes that McGee still loves her but doesn’t want to push Abby into a corner and risk damaging their friendship. All of a sudden Abby’s equipment starts beeping as Abby looks at the results with a puzzled look.

As Abby reads off the list of chemicals in Sarah’s blood work that appears to neutralize the gas she starts getting all happy and yells out that she has seen this before. From the time Sarah was framed for murdering a sailor and threw up in a taxi. Sarah, a little puzzled but happy that there may be a cure, mentions her favorite pizza to which Abby gets the recipe. As Abby begins working on the antidote, McGee starts to wake up. He’s tired but happy to see Sarah is alive as he hears Abby talking away through the video hookup.

At the stadium security guard notices a maintenance crew installing a unit in an off limits area. As one of the local security approaches them, he is shot which attracts the attention of the team to the area as a shootout takes place with the terrorist are killed. As the leader of the group is holding one of the canisters he begins to release the gas as Ziva shoots and kills him. The gas is stopped but everyone is worried that they may be facing an early death as Ziva and Tony look at on another. By then Gibbs gets word from Abby about the antidote and McGee and Ducky are in stable condition now.

That evening Tony and Ziva pay McGee a visit at the hospital. The usual conversation about stopping the terrorist, saving the world and Sarah is at McGee’s place getting some rest. As Tony and Ziva circle the hospital bed, McGee gets a bit nervous to wear Tony states that he and Ziva have finished reading McGee’s new book to where McGee has the look of horror on his face saying it’s just a work of fiction. Ziva is seen smiling as she closes the door and pulls down the shades. Tony begins making movie references to the movie ‘Hostel’ as Ziva is seen opening up her knife in front of McGee.

The End


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