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Nagma Hot and Sexy South Indian Masala Actress

Updated on December 6, 2013

Mini Biography of Nagma

Real Name :Nanditha moraji

Screen Name : Nagma

Date of Birth :25 th December 1974

Popular for: South Indian Movie actress, North Indian Movie actress , Politician

Namga is one of the legendary actress who rocks the Indian cinema (North Indian cinema and South Indian cinema) . Nagma was born as Nanditha moraji and she changed her name as Nagma after enter in to the cinema. Nagma begins her career in Hindi cinema and later she shift in to South Indian Tamil and Telugu movies and gain more popularity over there. Nagma is one of the top actress who covered every regional Indian cinema such as North Indian Bengali, Bhojouri, Punjabi and Marathi also in South Indians such as Tamil , Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies.

Nagma won Filmfare Best Actress Award in Tamil section for the movie called Kadhalan and she act that movie with Prabhu Dewa which the film was driected by Shankar. Nagma much popular as a commercial movie actress and most of her movies were became blockbuster hit of the year. Sister of Nagam "Jyothika" is also a popular actress in South Indian cinema.

Nagma started her cinema career by the movie called Baaghi: A Rebel for Love and she acted that movie with Bollywood dream actor Salman Khan in the year of 1990. Baaghi became of the most commercially successful movie of the year. Nagma got ultimate popular after the Baaghi and she go so many offers in North Indian and South Indian movies. After the success of Baabhi with Salman Khan she did performed several Telugu Movies and Hindi movies and got much popular in Telugu cinema rather than Hindi cinema. Acting in Telugu movies make a parth to enter in to South Indian cinema industry and she also did several successful movies in Tamil,Kannada and Malayalam movies. Nagma acted quite few movies in every regional languages movie industry over Indian cinema but even in that small amount of movies she could able to maintain good reputation over the industry.

Hot and Glamor Video of Sexy Nagma

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Political Career

After late 2006 Nagma actively enter in to the Indian Politics and she and became a member of Congress Party in Delhi.She use her fame in the movie industry to enter in to the south Indian cinema.Her dream is to become a member of Parliament and become voice of Indian female .

Beauty of Nagma

Filmography of Nagma

Hindi Movies
Telugu Movies
Bhojpuri Movies
Dilwale Kabhi Na Hare
Major Chandrakanth
Panditwa Mera Shaadi Kab Hoi
Baaghi: A Rebel for Love
Rendilla Poojari
Panditji Batai Na Byah Kab Hoi
Miya Biwi Aur Saali
Mugguru Monagallu
Ab Ta Banja Sajnwa Hamaar
Khel Khiladi Ka
Sarada Bullodu
Tu Hamaar Hou

Glamor Pictures of gorges and sexy Nagma

Nagma is one of the most talented and super intelligent actress and she also able to learn nine Indian regional languages and able to speak some of them very fluently. Nagma also popular for some controversial performance in some of her movies and she became very popular in every cinema which she acted.

Ultimate unique beauty Nagma

Nagma is one of the excellent and super hot actress in South Indian cinema and she is also got great dancing skills , ability to perform glamor characters and also great sense of humor. Nagma is one of the unforgettable actress who is ultimate popular in Tamil movie industry. Performance of Nagma in Basha with Rajani Kanth and Ragasiya police with Sarath kumar is exceptional.

As a actress Nagma achieved a lot in her cinema career in very short time period . Time to time she changed the industry and remain over a decade in the Indian movie industry. I am plan to post more and more content and information regarding this hot and glamors actress in near future.


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