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Nana Yamada Japanese Idol Singer and Former Member of the Girl Group NMB48

Updated on December 13, 2017

A first look at Nana Yamada

Who is Nana Yamada?

Profile of Nana Yamada

  • Date of birth is April 3, 1992 (25 years old)
  • City of birth is Osaka.
  • She made her NMB48 debut in October 2010 as a member of its first generation.
  • Her name at birth was Nana Nakayama but she changed her name to Nana Yamada when she joined NMB48.

A brief look at the career of Nana Yamada Part 1

Nana Yamada is a Japanese idol singer that has had a position in more than one group. I say have because she is no longer with the group. She graduated from NMB48 on April 3, 2015. She joins Japanese singers such as Aki Takajo (JKT48), Yuki Kashiwagi (French Kiss), Asuka Kuramochi (French Kiss), and Sae Miyazawa (SNH48 and DIVA) as some other idols that have been members of more than one pop music group. Nana Yamada had been a member of every single that NMB48 has released so far including the group’s single called Takane no Ringo. This was prior to her leaving the group.

Nana Yamada sings on one of my favorite songs of all time

Yamada has also been a member for the single called Kitagawa Kenji. She sang vocals on the B-side track called Renai Higai Todoke which is one of the most exciting and upbeat pop songs that I have ever heard. A music video was made for the song also. The title for that song in English is Love Damage Report. Nana had also been a member of the group SKE48 and she has been a member for the single called Bukiyou Taiyou.

Photos of Nana Yamada with other members

With Miyuki Watanabe (right).
With Miyuki Watanabe (right). | Source
With Sayaka Yamamoto (left). She is stretching a wet towel while Yamada is in the background holding onto a water bottle.
With Sayaka Yamamoto (left). She is stretching a wet towel while Yamada is in the background holding onto a water bottle.
Once again in this photo she is pictured with Sayaka Yamamoto but this time the two girls are dressed in traditional uniforms that these Japanese idols wear.
Once again in this photo she is pictured with Sayaka Yamamoto but this time the two girls are dressed in traditional uniforms that these Japanese idols wear.

Nana Yamada: her performance in the General Elections and her intention to graduate from NMB48

Nana Yamada has been an idol singer for the 4th, 5th, and 6th Senbatsu Elections from 2012-2014. Based on votes from the fans, Yamada finished at #29 for the 37th single Senbatsu Elections in June 2014. These elections are held each year to determine which girls will sing in the songs of these idol groups. Each one of these idol groups has their own theater where they hold performances. NMB48 has a theater in Osaka. She was part of NMB48’s Team N until May 20, 2013 but after that she was transferred to Team M where she is now that team’s captain. She was the oldest member of NMB48 until Ayaka Umeda joined the group. To this day, she still remains a close friend for former member Aina Fukumoto. NMB48 has been holding live events at the Osaka International Convention Center since October 14 and Nana announced that she intends to graduate from NMB48 on April 3, 2015 which is also the day that she turned 23. JKT48 pop music idol Aki Takajo and Atsuko Maeda both celebrated their 23rd birthday just a few months apart. Yamada also said that she has found a new goal during the last 4 years in NMB48. She said that she has decided to take her chance and leave. These Japanese idols eventually “graduate” or leave the group that they are a part of to pursue other interests such as acting or solo singing.

Nana Yamada sings on this song: Love Damage Report

Nana Yamada with Mayu Ogasawara

Mayu Ogasawara is on the left of this photo.
Mayu Ogasawara is on the left of this photo.

Nana Yamada’s family, personal life, and interests

Nana has a younger brother named Yuma who is signed to the agency Johnny’s Entertainment. Nana is skilled as a sword fighter. She also has the interesting ability of being able to sleep anywhere. Nana is often referred to as “babaa” or granny. Many of the members makes jokes about her age. Her favorite foods include curry and udon (a special type of Japanese noodles mixed in broth). Nana is a member of the Cooking Club and Driving Club. These are clubs created by famous pop music group AKB48 so that these girls can get involved in various activities and improve themselves. Nana also has a semi-truck driving license. She says that if she had not joined NMB48, she would have been a truck driver. Nana says that she wants to build a house in the future. And Nana has also made appearances in Magazines such as FLASH, Entame, and Weekly Playboy Magazine as a bikini and lingerie model.


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