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Nancy in Weeds- Top 10 hairstyles

Updated on May 21, 2011

Nancy in Weeds - Hot, hotter, hottest

Not all who admire Mary Loiuse Parker's beauty as Nancy in Weeds, might know that she is 46-year-old. Aging has only given her more and more of perfect structure and admirable hair. She is a testimony to the fact that a healthy lifestyle is enough to stay young forever. As a tribute to this beauty, I have reviewed and rated her hairstyles in Weeds. 

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Top 10th hairstyle- Wet look

A yippity-sippity

Wet Look is something that this beauty should avoid, both as Nancy and as Mary Loise Parker. It reveals her age and makes her look like a skinny, anemic mommy. This picture is from Weeds Season 6 episode 3 where Nancy works as a scab laborer to conceal her identity. Nancy's face being oval-shaped, only a voluminous hair can frame her face well.

Sticky hair at its worst

Weeds Season 4 Promo Photo

This photo appeared among the promo photos for Weeds Season 4. First time I saw this photo, I wondered why the director would choose such a hair style for Nancy.

#9 hairstyle - Simply Straight

Nancy in Weeds Season 1

Can you believe this was Nancy once upon a time! She looks damn young and innocent. Nancy in this picture leaves no clue of becoming a drug dealing mommy who gets into every trouble known and unknown.

#8 Hairstyle - Fringe

If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?

This is a snapshot of the Season 4 finale when the DEA brings Nancy for the questioning. Then she is left to explain everything to Esteban. She is put in an embarrassing situation that she doesn't want her free flowing hair to disturb her. Though this hairstyle is convincingenough considering the situation, it makes Nancy look very old.

#7 Hairstyle - Uneven Bob cut

Nancy in Weeds Season 6

Nobody could have forgotten Nancy's hairstyle in the last season. When the spoilers first said that the next season Nancy and her family were going to be on disguise with different names and that Nancy is going to become a waitress, I wondered how the all-so beautiful Nancy could seem like a shabby waitress. But boy! The highlight of the Botwins-Newmans transformation was Nancy, with her shattered looks and inverted bob cut. 

#6 Hairstyle - Headband

Nancy in Weeds Season 5 episode 3

A headband or a winter cap or anything which partially or fully covers forehead will suit oval faces. I verified my view when I saw Nancy in the episode "Su-Su-Sucio" where she packs her family in a car and flees for her safety.

The school girl Nancy

Nancy's fringe is an interesting thing. What seemed very ordinary in the -- with a single pony, seems very cute with two pony in this picture. This hairstyle makes her look like a school girl while hiding the 44-year-old( Now Mary is 46) woman deep inside. Nancy in Weeds is one example who proved that an un-straightened hair could also look trendy and sweet. This again is from Weeds Season 4 where she comes out with Guillermo.

4th Position -Tousled waves

Nancy in Weeds Season 2

Nancy's hair started curling itself after Weeds Season 1, just as her life got tangled with troubles. But this particular tousled waves-like hair texture became a commonly adopted hair style for parties.

3rd Place - Wavy Layers

Nancy in Weeds Season 6

Wow! Here comes Nancy, the brave pot dealer for whom getting in and out of the lion's den is a cakewalk. Nancy had this hairstyle in the promo video of Weeds Season 6, where she digs a hole and throws away all evidences of Pillar's murder into it. The transformation from a curly sweetie pie to a daring woman who fears nothing is clearly seen from the hair style. And that's what the entire season spoke of.

2nd Place - Densely dancing

The prettiest picture in the history of Weeds

Season 4 of Weeds showed Nancy at her best. When I first saw this photo, I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful lady graciously harvesting weed. This picture leaves you wondering what to admire first. Whether her sexy curves or her puffy, voluminous hairstyle or the magnetizing eyes or the candy pink color attire. This is one hairstyle which I want to refer to the show creators. Nancy's beauty is enhanced when her hair is dense with elegant, cloud-like waves.

This hairstyle didn't make to No.1 because, this might look extraordinarily pretty for a promo picture, but it cannot become the trademark hairstyle for Nancy-the pot dealing mom.

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#1 Hairstyle - Beauty at its best

Curly Nancy

This hairstyle bags the 1st place for Nancy does most of her crazy acts in this hairstyle and this is what we can relate Nancy to. The former one can just be good for a promo. Nancy could be hardly seen in this hair style during the series. But when asked what hairstyle Nancy can have all through a season, my answer would be this. She looks chic and casual in these curls. I am curious to know if some sort of hair setting would produce the same effect or this texture should come naturally. Leave a comment if you could advice!

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Nancy in Weeds Season 7

And finally this was Nancy's hairstyle in the promo of Weeds Season 7. Her hair seems wild and unruly. Perhaps that's how she is going to be in the next season.The cop was finally able to catch Nancy at the end of Season 6 and how Nancy would escape them was left for the upcoming seasons to tell. And symbolically, in this promo, Nancy is all chained as she comes out of a magician's box. She'd definitely need some magical power to bring herself out of the trouble which she has created for herself. After all, whether she gets out or gets into a trouble, she guarantees rib tickling humor!

I didn't rate this hairstyle as only after the show is on, we can really say if it really suits her character or its just another promo-only hairstyle. Anyway, I can't wait to watch her on Weeds Season 7.

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