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Nandini Jumani bio with pictures

Updated on January 3, 2011

Enjoy these sexy pictures of hot Bollywood item girl Nandini Jumani and her short bio who has proven her talent and skills with hot and sexy music videos. Nandini is so confident that she asserts she would outdo any glamor queen in Indian film industry. Nandini Jumani says she can be as raunchy as anyone and is waiting for the right opportunity. Even though Nandini Jumani bikini pictures near a pool are not available, enjoy these gorgeous high quality posters of her in a sexy two piece.

Nandini Jumani sexy pictures

Nandini Jumani photo gallery

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sexy nandini jumani
sexy nandini jumani
sexy nandini jumani

Nandini Jumani short bio

 The Krazy Kool Kat Been Bajake video has stirred up demand for Nandini Jumani. So many offers poured in for a performance on New Year's eve, Nandini has a hard time to decide which one to accept. After much consideration, Nandani acceptted to show of her curves at a venue in Hyderabad and will be paid a Rs.25 lakhs for her performance.

Nandini Jumani was born on 3rd June 1984 in Assam. She stepped into the glamour world while doing her post graduation at university of Pune. She is good in academics and wanted to become an IPS officer. She dreams to have a old age home of her own one day and currently associated with St. Anthonys home for olds in Mumbai.

Saroj Khan, the legend of Bollywood Dancing trained Nandini in dancing and Nandini has also done acting workshops. Nandini Jumani has been creating waves in the music video circle, dancing to atttract fans to catchy and pulsating numbers. The sassy siren Nandini Jumani has crosses past Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Mallika Sherawat.


Hot Krazy Kool Kat Is Nandini Jumani


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      The Donkey 6 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      Pretty girl.