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Nashville -- Crossroads

Updated on December 9, 2012

Everyone seemed to be at a crossroads in this episode, trying to figure out which road they should travel down.

Teddy told Rayna a pack of lies about his relationship with Peggy to make himself come off innocent. However, Coleman put doubts in her head when he showed her the photos and said something was going on between the two of them. This caused her to turn on Coleman. And when Rayna learned Peggy tried to kill herself, she knew Teddy hadn't told her the truth. So she confronted him again and he finally told her the truth about the embezzlement. Rayna didn't seem relieved she was married to a crook opposed to a cheater.

Hayley dumped Gunnar when he got all up in her business for trying to get Scarlett a singing gig with a band. She confronted him about his feelings for Scarlett and she said her first instincts had been right about them being just bed buddies and not trying for something real. Gunnar then went over and kissed Scarlett and didn't get the reaction he was hoping for when she rebuffed him. You could say this was the week I stopped liking Gunnar and started liking Avery.

Speaking of Avery, he was at his own crossroads when Dominique was trying to get him to dump the band he's played with like forever to start a solo career of his own. Earlier, he had given Scarlett a bottle of champagne they were supposed to open when he was a success, and he apologized for not opening it when she became a success before him. So will Avery stay loyal to his friends or sell them out for fame and fortune?

Juliette's crossroads was of a more personal type. She met Sean's family and even sang in their church. Unfortunately, Sean's mother turned out to be one of those mothers like Rhea Perlman's mother on Taxi when she met Louie and threatened to have him killed. She didn't threaten to have Juliette killed, but told her nothing would ever become of her relationship with Sean. So what does Juliette do? She invites Sean over to her place and asks him to marry her.

Deacon was also given a career opportunity to go on tour with a band. They're all recovering addicts so drugs and rock and roll won't be an issue. Deacon, however, drags his feet, until Rayna encourages him to take the offer.

Finally, Marshall Evans approaches Rayna about going out on tour with Juliette. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't refuse at the mention of it. She asks him to let her think about it.

I still think this show is completely overrated as the so-called best show of the new season. It doesn't help that the lead characters aren't very sympathetic or interesting. And, no ABC, I don't want to buy the music from the show, since most of the songs are completely forgettable. The only character that's really starting to improve is Avery; as for the rest, not so much.


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