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Nashville -- It's Over

Updated on November 1, 2012

The Country Club Ho-Down

Or should I say showdown.

The episode opens with Rayna having a racy dream of being in bed with Deacon, only to be awoken by her deadly dull hubby, Teddy. When Rayna learns Teddy is 12 points down in the election, she offers to perform at his country club fundraiser. Her manager asks Deacon to perform with her. Unfortunately, when Deacon arrives, Lamar starts on him about living off his money, and Deacon fires back that that’s Teddy. Rayna has to get them to stop it and she and Deacon perform on stage, but afterwards she asks Deacon if he knows what he just did. When Rayna’s at home with Teddy he says he can’t take anymore of this and Rayna promises to fire Deacon.

A new character comes in to this drama in the form of Peggy. Rayna thinks Peggy still has a thing for Teddy even though she’s married. When Rayna is singing, Peggy signals for Teddy to slip out of the room so they can have a private moment together. While he doesn’t then, they later have a rendezvous. Peggy wants to tell the truth, but Teddy convinces her to keep quiet. This is either about them having an affair or she helped him embezzle money. I’m thinking it may be the latter.

We get a taste of Lindsay Lohan on Primetime, when Juliette slams the door in the police’s face when they come to arrest her. Like LiLo, she thinks it’s no big deal that she got caught on tape stealing nail polish. Her manager and publicist try to get her to wake-up and smell the coffee. They tell her this could ruin her career if she doesn’t do damage control. Her publicist, McKenna, arranges an interview on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and tells her to confess to everything and take responsibility for her actions. Juliette, however, goes the LiLo route and proclaims her innocence. And when Robin asks about her mother being arrested, she stomps off ending the interview.

Afterwards, Juliette is informed that her tour has been cancelled and her manager is on the verge of quitting when Juliette promises to do everything he says. She explains she used to shoplift to make herself feel better when she was a kid because of her mother. Earlier, she went off on her mother, searching her purse, accusing her of having drugs in it. She found a picture. I’m not sure if it was her mother holding Baby Juliette as a baby or if it was Juliette holding a baby, indicating she had a child and gave it up. Since Juliette has a major meltdown, I’m guessing it was that Juliette has a child she gave up for adoption.

Having no one but herself to commiserate her problems with Juliette calls up Deacon and still stung by his encounter with Rayna, asks her if she’s doing anything. Yep, Deacon is getting ready to swim in Juliette’s pond, again.

Gunnar interrupts as Avery and Scarlett are kissing. Gunnar tells Scarlett they got a deal from their demo and she runs to Avery to hug him. It’s a very awkward moment. Gunnar meets a girl named Hayley at record company and they hit it off. They hit it off so much they end up in bed together. Scarlett comes by early in the morning to see Gunnar and sees him and his overnight guest bidding each other goodbye the next morning.

Avery doesn’t like Scarlett talking him up to reported interviewing Gunnar and Scarlett. Avery tells Scarlett he doesn’t need her help. He gives her his keys and decides to walk. After a chat with Deacon, Scarlett tells Avery she hopes he can support her, since this is something she really wants to do.

We learn a little bit more about Teddy’s competitor in the election. Seems Coleman is Deacon’s sobriety sponsor. Deacon is supporting Coleman in the election, and so was Rayna until her father got Teddy to run. Is Rayna the one who got Coleman to be Deacon’s sponsor? And does that mean that Coleman also had a problem with substance abuse in the past? Just what is the past that these three share together?

I wonder if Avery will get more of a story or if he’ll just exist as just an obstacle to a possible Scarlett and Gunnar pairing. So far, Avery has cheated on Scarlett and he’s kind of a crappy boyfriend. Does he even really love Scarlett? They really need to flesh this character out. Unfortunately, you could say that about a lot of the characters. It’s still early days, so let’s hope all the characters will be fleshed-out more in upcoming episodes. So far, I could take or leave Nashville. It hasn't become must-see TV for me.


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