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Nashville -- Mama Tales

Updated on October 26, 2012

While Rayna and Hoochiette don't generally have much in common, this week they had mother's affecting their lives in common. Rayna learned Lamar hates her country music career because of her mother, while Hoochiette was trying to get rid of her junkie mama.

Lamar offered Rayna and Teddy some money, but one of the many strings attached to it was she couldn't go out on tour. Later, her sister Tandy revealed that their mother had an affair throughout their parents marriage with a country performer. If there was any hope this new information might breed a better understanding between father and daughter, it was ruined when Lamar declared she was just like her mother and Rayna threw back that if he treated her mother like this she could understand her mother needing the comfort of another man.

The sad thing is Lamar could be right about Rayna. Like her mother, she's married to Teddy, but still needs and is hanging on to her ex-Deacon. She even said she knows she should let Deacon go, but she just can't seem to do it.

With Rayna refusing Lamar's money, Teddy goes to the old place he worked to try and mortgage their house. However, when he learns the books are being audited, he hightails it out of there real fast. It kind of leads one to suspect he may have embezzled funds from there when he used to work there.

Meanwhile. Hoochiette's mama shows up at the gate of her house and she has her security put her on a bus, but mama isn't going to go away that easy. She gets herself arrested and Hoochiette has no choice but to bring mama into her house to make sure she doesn't create a scandal for her. However, Hoochiette manages to do that all on her own when a couple of fans video tape her on their phone shoplifting.

Earlier, she had managed to get Deacon back in the sack and pressed home her advantage by trying to get him to abandon Rayna and hop on the Hoochiette train permanently. And it looked like she was going to get what she wanted after Deacon's conversation with Rayna. However, it appears he can't let go of Rayna anymore than she can let go of him, and he turns her offer down, once again.

Up and coming new country song writers and performers, Gunnar and Scarlett run into some trouble of their own. Scarlett chokes when trying to record the demo for Watty. She's not happy when it's suggested they still use her songs, but have another female singer record them. So Gunnar goes to Avery for help, saying he thinks Scarlett's problem is she's afraid if she goes for it she'll lose him. So Avery promises to go with her when she records the demo and every time she gets nervous, she looks at Avery and sings to him.

There's also a benefit for Avery in that he gets to meet Watty, who tells him Scarlett has it. Will Avery use this new connection to try and sell his own music or will he become Scarlett's manager. It may be interesting to see how this Avery/Scarlett/Gunnar triangle plays out.


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