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Nashville -- Moving On

Updated on November 9, 2012

I know all the critics are proclaiming this the best new show of the Fall, but I'm really not seeing why it's getting all the praise. It really hasn't got me hooked and I'm a soap lover. I don't find the characters all that enthralling or interesting or that fully-developed. Seems more like the critics are gaga about it because Connie Britton is in it and she played in Friday Night Lights, one of the critics favorite shows.

In this episode, Rayna was trying to move past Deacon and find a new song writer. When no one was available, she decided to try writing a song on her own and she was told it was good. When Deacon called her to say he was in jail, she wouldn't do anything to help him. Earlier, Teddy had asked if she had slept with Deacon and she said no, but she couldn't answer him when he asked if she wanted to.

Deacon was having a hard time letting go and wouldn't let a line be changed on one of his songs that was being used in a commercial Rayna was doing. He also lent Juliette a hand in getting her mother to go to rehab. When she tried to thank him with a kiss, he told her she didn't need to use sex to thank him with. Later, when a heckler wants to know where Rayna is, Deacon gets into a fight with the heckler and ends up getting arrested. He calls Rayna, but she won't come and help him. It's actually Juliette that helps him out of trouble. Deacon ends up going to Coleman because he pocketed Jolene's pills and was tempted to take some. He gives them to Coleman and finally lets go and allows the line in his song to be changed.

Once Jolene is in rehab, Juliette decides she wants to dump her house and move into a new place. She wants a place that's free of her mother's touch.

With Peggy wanted to come clean about the past, Teddy goes to Lamar and tells him the truth about his past. Peggy helped him borrow some money when his real estate deal was running short of funds and they later replaced the money they took. However, the company is not auditing the books and Peggy is freaking out afraid they're going to get caught. Lamar promises to make it all go away as if it never happened, while Teddy promises Lamar that he never cheated on Rayna with Peggy. Unfortunately, for both Teddy and Peggy, someone is photographing them together. It's not really romantic, but it could appear so when the pictures are viewed.

When Avery learns Scarlett needs a guitarist for her and Gunnar's latest song, he volunteers. Unfortunately, Avery tries to take over the audition by overplaying his part and it costs Gunnar and Scarlett a deal for the song. Scarlett confronts Avery about what he did and she makes it's known she's not happy about it. She seems to be getting tired of constantly having to assure Avery that he's the one she loves.

Avery and Gunnar also get into it when Avery accuses Gunnar of wanting Scarlett. Gunnar fires back for Avery trying to take over the audition and ruining it for them. When Scarlett wants to make sure Gunnar knows she loves AVery and isn't interested in him, he makes it clear he's with Hayley now. Earlier, Hayley told him she wanted to play their relationship casual, but Gunnar says he wants them to give their relationship a real chance.

While all the characters seem to be ready to move on to a new phase in their life, as proved by the photographer snapping pics of Teddy and Peggy it may not be as easy as they hoped it would be. When Rayna sees those pictures of Teddy and Peggy coupled with something Lamar and Teddy are planning to do to help Teddy's numbers rise in the mayoral race that will supposedly make Rayna go ballistic, will it cause her to seek out Deacon? And Juliette can move out of her house, but she's really only fooling herself in thinking she can be free of her mother that easily. Her mother will always be her mother no matter what happens. She can't change that. And while Gunnar is involved with Hayley now, is his attraction to Scarlett really over and done with? Finally, Avery has already cheated on Scarlett once. Will Scarlett realize too late she place her money on the wrong horse?

It's terrible, but the most interesting story to me was the Teddy and Lamar story. I found all the rest kind of meh. I know the media is declaring this the best new show, but for me the best new show is Last Resort. I'm just not finding the stories in Nashville all the compelling.


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