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Nashville -- Photographers, A Rock Star And An Amorous Manager, Oh My!

Updated on November 17, 2012

Juliette’s publicist Makena has Juliette appear at the local zoo to improve her imagine. She also suggests that Juliette go out with squeaky-clean quarterback, Sean Butler, to further rehabilitate her image. She seemed a bit more likable with Sean then haunching after Deacon who is probably old enough to be her father. Juliette actually surprises herself by having a good time with Sean. However, when Sean has a run-in with a photographer who is harassing Juliette, the photographer threatens to smear Sean, until Juliette pays him off in exchange for the damaging photos of Sean.

Rayna is still on the road to re-inventing herself. She plays her new song for Marshall and he agrees to record it, but only with an approved record producer on a list of names he gives her. However, Rayna doesn’t want Randy [or any of the other people on that list] to produce her album. She has her heart set on a rocker named, Liam McGuiness, producing her album. Only problem is he doesn’t seem interested in doing it, until Rayna changes his mind about her. Now her remaining obstacle is to convince Marshall to agree. When he learns who Rayna wants to produce her album he has a fit and Rayna threatens to go to another record label if he won’t agree.

Teddy still running 7 points behind. Tandy and Lamar want to make Coleman look bad, so they’ll have the police delay Coleman from showing up at the political function he and Teddy are schedule to appear at. However, things take a serious turn when the police search Coleman’s car and find the pills in his glove compartment that Deacon gave him. This causes the police to arrest Coleman. Deacon offers to come forward and explain the pills were his, but Coleman won’t let him. Instead Coleman offers to take a drug test to prove he’s clean and sober.

As it turns out it was Coleman who hired the photographer to take photos of Teddy and Peggy. He gets more photos when Peggy shows up wanting to volunteer as a campaign worker for Teddy’s campaign. Seems Teddy and Peggy knew each other before he married Rayna. Coleman doesn’t want to release the photos because they could ruin Rayna’s marriage, but his wife urges him to fight fire with fire.

Avery feels things are about to turn around for his career, and he might be right, but not in the way he hopes. Marilyn Rhodes watches him perform and says she’d like to be his manager. Unfortunately, she believes in knowing her talent in the biblical sense. When he turns her down, she makes sure his band doesn’t get to be the opening act for the Lumineers. When Scarlett walks out on Avery, accusing him of servicing Marilyn, Deacon changes his mind and heads over to Marilyn’s to put out for her so she can make him a star.

I guess the big question of this episode is: was Teddy telling the truth when he said he wasn’t having an affair with Peggy? Would Peggy really steal money for him if he wasn’t having an affair with her?

On another note, it was nice to see Avery finally getting fleshed out a bit character-wise. A lot of people aren’t lucky enough to get a lucky break like Scarlett got. They have to do what Avery stooped to to make it in the business.


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