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Nashville -- Temptation

Updated on October 18, 2012

The second episode in and the one character this show could do well without is Juliette or as I call her Hoochiette. The character doesn't really fit in with the main storylines. All she seems to do is warble some song whose lyrics you can't recall two seconds later or lay on her back and spread her thighs. And her backstory of having a crack mommy isn't interesting either. If she wasn't on the show she wouldn't really effect it in any way. Her storyline is the least interesting. In fact, without her the show might improve drastically.

Anyway, there seemed to be quite a bit of temptation going on. Gunnar tempted Scarlett to take Watty's offer even though her instincts told her it could cause trouble in her relationship with Avery. Rayna had to fight the temptation of her old feelings for Deacon. And Hoochiette was hoping she could tempt Deacon into dumping Rayna for her.

Hoochiette was determined that Deacon would dump Rayna and join her band. When he helped her to write a song she stripped off her top and went skinny dipping and Deacon just couldn't resist what was on offer. Then she sent him a $50,000 guitar that caused a big fight between Deacon and Rayna. But at the end of the day it was Rayna that Deacon brought on stage to sing with him, not Hoochiette. A word to Deacon. Hoochiette has been with no less than three different men within two episodes of this show. I'd go get myself tested for an STD, since I'd imagine the way she gets around, she's a breeding ground for one STD or another.

Watty's idea to help Rayna was for her and Deacon to go on tour and sing the old love songs they sang together when they were together and in love. Rayna was worried she wouldn't be able to turn it on with Deacon after all this time, or maybe she was worried that she could. As it turned out it was a case of still being able to turn it on and stirring up old feelings between her and Deacon. After they sang a duet of one of their old songs, it left Rayna shaked, rattled and rolled to the point she rushed home and told Teddy she loved him. Strangely enough, after watching how easily Hoochiette got Deacon to unzip his pants for her, I'm actually kind of rooting for Teddy and Rayna.

Something else that was worrying Rayna was Lamar hiring a team to conduct a Vulnerability Study on Teddy to see if there was anything that could used against him in the election. Rayna was questioned on her past with Deacon. She told how she got involved with Teddy when Deacon got addicted to drugs. Teddy was also questioned on his past business dealings. Afterwards, the men conducting the study said they believed Teddy was hiding something about his past business dealings. This didn't worry Lamar, but pleased him. If he can figure out what it is, he figures he'll be able to use it to control Teddy. Meanwhile, at home Teddy was burning a bunch of documents in the fireplace.

Watty has other things on his mind but Rayna. He made Scarlett and Gunnar an offer to cut a demo for them if they could come up with three songs. Scarlett was a bit apprehensive to take the offer when Avery lamented the fact he's getting nowhere in the business. She ultimately opted to turn down Watty's offer so Avery wouldn't get upset and it wouldn't cause problems in their relationship. However, Gunnar managed to get her to change her mind and to accept the offer Watty had made them. It was a good decision. She was about to give up a potential career for a guy who was getting a lap dance from Hoochiette last episode.

Rayna went over and apologized to Coleman for not supporting him like she said she would, and wanted to know why Lamar turned on Coleman and is suddenly supporting Teddy to become mayor. Coleman explained he didn't agree with what Lamar wanted to do. Apparently, it's Lamar's way of the highway. Coleman went over and confronted Lamar, afterwards. Lamar tried to intimidate him, but Coleman gave as good as he got, by threatening to give back as good as he got.

Like I said, earlier, I find all the stories interesting with the exception of Hoochiette's. The worst part of the show is when she opens her mouth and starts warbling. It makes me wish she'd just close her mouth and go away.


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