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Nashville -- The Duet

Updated on December 1, 2012

Bargains with the devil

I have to be honest. If I wasn't recapping this show, I would have stopped watching it a long time ago. I just don't find it or its characters interesting. This show has totally been overrated as the best new show of the season. I'm scratching my head over just why it's the media darling when it's really not a good show. It's actually worse than this season's Revenge and this season's Revenge is the pits.

Anyway, it's the record labels anniversary and they're throwing a big party for it. Marshall Evans still has a bug up his butt about Rayna and Juliette teaming up. He wants Rayna to agree to do a duet with her and she says no way, until he threatens to release a Best Of Rayna album. She finally agrees. Juliette is just as determined not to do it, but since she still needs to rehabilitate her image she has to agree. The latest thing is fans of Sean Butler's football team are blaming her because he hasn't been playing that well.

It goes about how you would expect two divas working together that can't stand each other. The insults and barbs are constantly flying. Juliette storms off when Rayna says she hasn't earned her spot on that stage and she knows it. Then Deacon comes to his bedwarmer's defense and tells Rayna to listen to the song he and Juliette did to see just how talented she truly is. Ultimately, Rayna comes up with the idea that she and Juliette write a song together for the show. It's rough going, but their duet is a success, with both vowing this is the only time they'll ever agree to share a stage together.

Juliette's relationship with Sean hits the skids when he doesn't want to sleep with her. Things get back on track later when he brings her flowers and says he wants to get to know her. She doesn't really get being treated like a lady instead of a convenient bedwarmer.

Rayna has her own problems with Teddy only she doesn't know it, yet. Coleman arranges to meet Teddy and shows him the pics of him and Peggy. Coleman demands Teddy drop out of the race or he'll use the photos. Teddy goes running to Lamar who suggests brazening it out and telling Rayna about them and declaring there's no affair. Lamar also arranges for the charges against Coleman to not be dropped so he'll be too busy trying to stay out of jail to run for office.

Rayna's new record producer, Liam, takes a shine to Deacon. He wonders why Deacon never went out on his own. Maybe he'll convince Deacon to try for a solo career of his own.

Avery's career seems to be on the rise now that he's put out for Marilyn Rhodes. Unfortunately, he's finding it a bit empty without Scarlett by his side. Meanwhile, Gunnar's girlfriend decides to get Scarlett out of her blue funk about Avery by doing a makeover on her and getting her to go out to a bar. However, Hayley, make regret it when Gunnar can't keep his eyes off Scarlett. When Scarlett gets a few drinks in her she goes on stage and sing and then kisses a guy she meets at the bar and Gunnar pulls him off of her, causing Scarlett to storm off and to go see Avery. Unfortunately, Marilyn decides to come out of the bedroom in her bra. Avery chases her saying he doesn't love Marilyn and didn't start putting out for her until Scarlett left him. Scarlett doesn't care and storms off. She tells Gunnar she's ready to write songs again.

All through the episode ABC had written on the screen that you can buy the music on ABC.Com. Sorry, but none of the songs are the least bit memorable; much like the show. This show isn't getting better, but ABC is determined to back this pony, hoping to rake in the dough from viewers purchasing the music they hear on the show.


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