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Natalie Cole's Angel On My Shoulder: Her Search For Serenity

Updated on November 20, 2014

Singer Natalie Cole

'Natalie Cole, En Español "
'Natalie Cole, En Español " | Source


Like Father Like Daughter

Natalie Cole is the daughter of the musical legend Nat King Cole. One would think that Natalie's destiny in life would be forever compared to her father's immaculate success as a singing sensation. The fact is, Natalie Cole has done her father proud. Belting out #1 hits such as "This Will Be,"I've Got Love on My Mind, Everlasting, and Inseparable, just to name a few. Natalie Cole a house hold name.

Natalie's fame made her an international success in which she went on to release, 'Natalie Cole, En EspaƱol "

The Grammy Award Winner Seemed to have it all. But according to Natalie's compelling autobiography, in her time of heightened success there was a deep seeded cry for help.

Natalie "Sweetie" Cole

Natalie "Sweetie" Cole at age four. Cole Family Archive
Natalie "Sweetie" Cole at age four. Cole Family Archive | Source

Natalie Had An Unforgettable Childhood.

Born Natalie Maria Cole on February 6, 1950. Even though her parents nicknamed her Sweetie, Natalie deems herself as a rebellious child growing up. Very independent and sassy was how she described herself. However for the most part Wood's was a social butterfly and did well in school.

Natalie recalls living in Hancock Park, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Los Angeles. At the time. The Shells of Shells oil resided there, The Chandlers who owned the Los Angeles Times, and the Van de Kamps, who owned the Von's supermarket chain, just to name a few were the high profile residence living in Hancock Park.

Yet, in 1948,when the Coles purchased a beautiful home in the neighborhood, The Hancock Park Property Association was less than welcoming back then. Anyone of ethnic persuasions were labeled as "undesirables" and were not permitted to live there. The Association called a meeting with Mr. Cole to inform him that he could not live there. Natalie reports that members of the committee told her dad that they did not want any undesirables moving in. In which her dad responded, "Neither do I, and if I see any, I'll be sure to let you know."

The Cole's faced their obstacles dealing with racism, however they stood their ground and made Hancock Park their home.

Unforgettable Memories

Natalie In The Studio Recording With Her Dad. Archive/Venice, CA
Natalie In The Studio Recording With Her Dad. Archive/Venice, CA | Source
Eddie Fischer, Debbie Reynolds, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, And her Sister Cookie Michael OCHS Archive/Venice,CA
Eddie Fischer, Debbie Reynolds, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, And her Sister Cookie Michael OCHS Archive/Venice,CA | Source

A Young Star In The Making

Natalie enjoyed going in to the studio to record with her dad, and meeting other artist such as Debbie Reynolds, And Eddie Fischer. Natalie's love for music at an early age prepared would later prepare her for future success. Being no stranger to the limelight performing in front of an audience was easy for Natalie.

Nat King Cole died of lung cancer in February 1965. Natalie was 15 years old.

After her father's death Natalie touches on the disconnection she felt toward her mother.

As time went on her dad's teachings did not go to waste Natalie collected numerous Grammy Awards, selling over 30 million records worldwide. Her personal life blossomed as well she had a son named Robbie.

Yet, Natalie's struggle with drug addiction threaten to end her career.

Natalie's turning point occurred on February 10, 1981, she had just finished an headline engagement at the Hilton main showroom the night before with Bill Cosby , Who she refers to as Uncle Bill, Her desire to stay in Vegas for an extra day to meet up with a close family member led her into a dangerous and unforeseen situation in which she prayed to God to help her out of fatal predicament . Natalie says Through the grace of God she has lived to tell the tale.

Natalie went in for treatment which helped her progress in the right direction. Natalie's faith helped her through times of temptation and helplessness.

Unforgettable... with Love, A Tribute To Her Father Is A Hit

In the 1990s, Natalie Cole re-recorded standards by her father, in which she found welcomed admiration and success. Unforgettable... with Love, sold over seven million copies. Cole also collected a numerous amount of Grammy Awards, selling 30 million records worldwide

Natalie Cole Is Unforgettable As She Follows In Her Father's Footsteps

Image Unforgettable Cover.
Image Unforgettable Cover. | Source

Unforgettable Duet With Nat King Cole And Natalie Cole.

Angel On My Shoulder An Autobiography Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole's autobiography promotes soul searching honesty. Cole's ability to openly share her pain in life as well as the fond memories she had growing up with her dad, makes her a shining star of serenity.

Signing Off With Mona Lisa By Nat King Cole

My Mother Gave Me This Book For My Birthday! I Loved Natalie's Journey Which Was Full of Faith and Honesty

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    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 24 months ago from Arizona

      Happy New Year! I loved Natalie Cole's music as well! Thank you for reading the article. I wish I could dedicate more time to updating Hubs and writing more. I have a deadline on a way overdue project that has taken up all-of my time. It is supposed to be complete this year, God-willing! Thank you for your well wishes!

    • word55 profile image

      Word 2 years ago from Chicago

      Hi Emunah, we've missed you here at HP. It is so good to see you and Happy New Year. I found your article on Natalie very interesting. Unfortunately, I saw that we lost her on Jan 2nd. She was an amazing singer and classified among the world's greatest female singers. I appreciate this hub that you did on her. Thank you so very much. Don't stay away for so long. Be blessed!