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Natsuko Tatsumi Beautiful Supermodel and Actress Photos Gallery HQ

Updated on December 30, 2017

Natsuko Tatsumi in Young Sunday Visual Web with Sayuri Otomo

Sayuri Otomo (left) is seen here with cute bikini model and actress Natsuko Tatsumi (right) back in 2006.
Sayuri Otomo (left) is seen here with cute bikini model and actress Natsuko Tatsumi (right) back in 2006. | Source

Who is Natsuko Tatsumi and what is she known for?

Natsuko Tatsumi is a Japanese gravure or bikini idol and actress. She was born in Tokyo, Japan on January 21, 1988. She is known for her photo shoots with fellow gravure idol Sayuri Otomo. She should also be given credit for her cute looks, good legs and nice body. Natsuko Tatsumi stands at 158 centimeters tall and she has the O blood type. Natsuko Tatsumi belongs to the talent agency 18 pro. This is a photo gallery of the supermodel and actress that also has been known to spend time being involved with various athletic pursuits including swimming and lacrosse.

Photos of Natsuko Tatsumi in various styles of dress including traditional school uniform


Natsuko Tatsumi and her acting career

Natsuko Tatsumi starred in her first TV drama in 2005 called “Nobuta wo produce.” In 2008 and 2009, she starred in 2 more TV dramas. These were called Ketai Sosakan 7 and Jyouou Virgin. In 2011, Natsuko Tatsumi starred in the 7th episode of the TV drama The Hanawa Sisters.

Natsuko Tatsumi has also appeared in a few movies. In 2005, she starred in the movie Beat Kids followed by Swing Girls in 2006. In 2008, Natsuko starred in the movie Hey Japanese! Do You Believe Peace, Love and Understanding? In 2009, she starred in Sundome 4: The Final. What else makes Natsuko Tatsumi a supermodel worth paying attention to? It was in 2007 that she won the Grand Prix Award for her acting.

Natsuko Tatsumi in Swimsuit, fancy Dress or Just Exploring Nature


Natsuko Tatsumi with Sayuri Otomo in the Young Sunday Visual Web photo session


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