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Natsumi Kamata, Beautiful Supermodel From Kobe Japan

Updated on September 21, 2017

Various Photos of Natsumi Kamata

Natsumi Kamata seen here dressed in a kimono.
Natsumi Kamata seen here dressed in a kimono. | Source

Who is Natsumi Kamata?

This world has an abundance of things and people. And beautiful supermodels are one of those things that this world has so much of. It really staggers the imagination that there could be so many supermodels especially in Japan. Natsumi Kamata is one such person. She is really cute just like Kana Tsugihara or Natsuko Tatsumi. Here are some of her statistics:

  • Her birthday is August 19, 1988
  • Her Japanese name is spelled like this: (鎌田 奈津美)
  • She is a native of Kobe, Japan in the Hyogo Prefecture.
  • She stands at 153 centimeters tall.
  • She has had a very limited movie career so far.

Natsumi Kamata's Career in brief

Her first appearance in a movie of any kind came in 2008 when she starred in “Ketai Sosakan 7.” Natsumi also has a few movie appearances to her credit in addition to the TV drama she starred in. Soft Boy premiered in 2010 followed by Love and Loathing and Lulu and Ayano also in 2010. One of her biggest roles so far is when she was cast in the live-action TV anime called Phone Braver 7 as Sayaka Kisaragi. She is also really popular because of her frequent appearances at Japanese bath houses and her many photo shoots. In fact, Kamata was seen participating in a photo shoot with gravure models Mai Nishida, Momoko Tani, and Shizuka Nakamura. Like many gravure idols, Kamata is seen in bikinis or in a one-piece swimsuit. There are two types of gravure idols as I have written about before. Kamata turned 27 years old in August 2015 and she is one of the best looking gravure idols in the business today!

Natsumi Kamata in bikini

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