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Neal E Boyd Schedule and News Items

Updated on September 28, 2009

New Album Out In Stores Now

Neal E. Boyd (frequently misspelled as Neil Boyd), a resident from the small town of Sikeston, Missouri, was the winner of the third season of America's Got Talent. Neal is an opera singer. Although he has performed at Carnegie Hall after winning a national contest conducted by college music teachers, Neal was not a professional opera singer before appearing on America's Got Talent. He is still not singing in opera houses but has many other things on his schedule.

Neal has released his first album, which is called "My American Dream." It is available online and in music stores nationwide. Unfortunately, the album has not received much media attention from what I can gather. It does have some interesting pieces, such as an operatic version of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA."

I would say that Neal has a great passion for music, and it shows in his live performances. I picked him and Eli Mattson to go to the Final 2 during their season of America's Got Talent.
When all the dust settled, Eli and Neal were standing right there in the Final 2.

However, my only issue is that Neal seems to be stuck somewhere between opera and other genres. This could be brilliant if he finds just the right style to be unique and stand out from the crowd, but I don't think he has quite perfected his niche. He is supposedly not proficient enough technically to be a regular opera singer in an opera house, but his voice does not fit perfectly into any other genre. Overall, he and his album are very ambitious and hearfelt, but the arrangements seem slightly unnatural in spots. Nevertheless, I enjoy the man's passion, and his good notes blow me away time and time again.

Neal has performed "God Bless The USA" on the "Regis and Kelly" show and a local show called "Good Morning Texas." I am providing links to these performances:

Neal E. Boyd's appearance on "Regis and Kelly"

Neal E. Boyd's appearance on "Good Morning Texas"

According to Neal's official website, he has been touring various military bases, and he talks more about this in the above "Good Morning Texas" link. His site also has a schedule link at the top, but posting is sporadic.

Neal will also have a live chat on October 6, 2009 over at LiveCloud.

For those just getting around to checking on updates of Neal, he announced a 10-city tour as special guest for Paul Potts. Potts is also an opera singer and won Britain's Got Talent shortly before Neal emerged and won on America's Got Talent. He posted a few messages in his forum about having a great time on tour, but his website did not post much other feedback about the concerts or schedule. He did provide this list:

July 6th: Grand Prairie (Dallas), TX – Nokia Theatre
July 7th: Houston, TX – Verizon Theater
July 9th: New York, NY – Beacon Theatre
July 10th: Boston, MA – Berklee Performance Center
July 12th: Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
July 14th: Hollywood, FL – Hard Rock Live
July 15th: Atlanta, GA – Symphony Hall
July 17th: Atlantic City, NJ – The Borgata Music Box Theater
July 20th: Chicago, IL – Rosemont Theatre
July 21st: Washington, DC – Warner Theatre

Earlier this month (September of 2009), Neal apparently suffered some exhaustion and needed to take a break. He is apparently doing fine now.

Concert News: Neal will be performing in Poplar Bluff, MO, on October 17, 2009. The concert is slated for 7 P.M. at Historic Rodgers Theatre.

I wish I had more news to provide about Neal. I really think he deserved to win. But translating that into superstar commercial success is not an easy task. I suspect he is not having an easy time getting a great deal of promotion. Sadly, it seems that scandals and bad behavior are what get attention these days. We can blame the media for this just as much as anyone else. At any rate, this is an argument for another day.

Feel free to bookmark this page. I will keep it updated with any news or scheduling about Neal.

You can also visit the official site of Neal E. Boyd.


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    • profile image

      lisa 7 years ago

      @Stella - Neal is talented and was OK for a talent show, but comparing his amateurish (in spite of his voice degree) performance to great Pavarotti just shows a complete lack of knowledge of music. Do you even have an idea of how many excellent tenors there are who perform in opera theaters all over the worlds, how many young singers who compete and win prestigious opera competitions. Ever heard Jonas Kaufmann? Piotr Beczala? How about a young tenor Michael Fabiano who won Met Council Auditions in 2007 and have already sung leading roles at La Scala and the Met? Yonghoon Lee whose debut at the Met last week brought the house down. There are so many excellent singers today, it's really an insult to them to say that a someone who couldn't get a job at the Met opera chorus is the "next Pavarotti".

      Neal has a beautiful voice, but his singing is nowhere close to that of many young opera singers much less Pavarotti. It's wonderful that Neal exposed so many tv viewers to opera, but it'd be nice if these tv viewers stopped fixating on the next-tv-show-contestant and actually tried and listened to the amazing singers we have today.

    • profile image

      stella shelburn 7 years ago

      Neal E. Boyd is perhaps the closest voice to the unrivaled Pavarotti. The depth, richness and voice control is perfection. I am so happy to have found him on you tube. I turn everyone on to him that knows and loves music. My husband is a proud Missourian who claims Neal as his