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Ned Kelly: A Movie Review

Updated on September 18, 2011

Tonight i was browsing for a movie to watch when I came across Ned Kelly. Normally I would have scanned right over it...But two names stopped me in my tracks. Heath Ledger and Orlando Bloom...Together in one movie...I had to see what it was about at least.

It wasn't until close to the end that I wondered if this really happened, then at the end when it shows what happened to Ned Kelly I was even more sure it was a movie based on true events. So I went searching for Ned Kelly on the internet, and there he was...But not quite as the movie portrays him. Now, here is the problem. We all know how those in authority will change history to justify their actions, and after what I saw in the movie, I am inclined to believe just that.

While it is entirely possible that Ned Kelly was a ruthless killer bad from birth, it is also possible that circumstances forced him to become one. As much as I am a supporter of law enforcement...I am also fully aware that the law, especially back then and what was really not more than an island for criminals, was not monitored and probably felt rather lordly over the people.

There are differing accounts of what happened with Ned Kelly...and differing opinions on what he was. Some say he was a murdering thief while others say he was a hero. In the movie, some of the money he robbed from the banks he gave to others to pay ransoms or fines to get their family members out of jail and he burned mortgages on land titles. Apparently people were thrown in jail for the smallest infractions...or no infraction at all except for maybe not accepting the advances of a so called law officer. If you weren't liked by the law you were an outlaw. That is the impression I got from watching the movie...and one I am inclined to believe is true. Or was true to be more exact.

This movie is worth watching just because Heath and Orlando are in it, and they do a fantastic do the other actors. But it is also worth watching for the story it tells. Whether Ned was a born killer or forced into it, one thing is for certain...his life was a tragic one. If you get a chance to watch it let me know what you think.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    lol, i am 41 myself, no spring chicken...but i honestly don't know naomi watts. but then i went for over ten yrs not watching tv or movies and only just started watching movies using netflix online (not renting anything) and sometimes renting instant videos from amazon. it is funny you should consider a comparison between i watched this i kept thinking of the billy the kid movie with emilio estevez....the one that asks the much is truth and how much is glorifying the outlaw. i hope you enjoy it. and i will consider doing such a hub as you suggest, maybe on both ned and billy and what makes a criminal...or what can make one. thanks for the suggestion. and the votes.

  • tsmog profile image

    Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

    Well, I am shocked you did not consider us old guys! I mean come on - Naomi Watts, (just kidding). I discovered your article hubhopping and am happy I did. I have passed up watching this movie for sometime now on pay-per-view/VOD.

    NOW, I am gon'na watch it. I'm on vacation and am watching one movie a day as a luxury. This went to the top of the list. Thanks for the trailer and sharing your exploration of the historical significance. Maybe a hub on Ned Kelly with your interests in the human mind, human behavior & criminal profiling.

    Or, compare/contrast outlaws of Australia of that era with American outlaws of the same. I'm thinking of the famous line by 'Tom Selleck' from "Quigly Down Under," where he says, "I didn't say I don't know how to use one, I only said I don't have no use for 'em." (paraphrased) - smile. Thanks for sharing and giving me motivation to watch this movie.