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Neena Guptha hot hindi movie actress

Updated on August 4, 2015

Mini Biography of Neena Guptha

Name :

Neena Guptha

Profession :


Popular as :

Hindi Actress

TV Presenter

Beauty Pageant

Popular Movies :

Mandi (1983), Utsav (1984)

Neena Guptha Hot Glamor Symbol Of Hindi Cinema

Neena Gupta is one of the famous hot vintage actress of late 80s decade in Hindi Cinema (Now known as Bollywood). Apart of film acting she is also famous Television actress and director. Now she is not still in entertainment business but she is still like to appear in glamor in some Bollywood parties. She has a marvelous sexy face and figure. She was got more popular due to the famous film call Utsav. Here are some famous films of her Mandi (1983), Utsav (1984). Most of this entertainment sexy aunty actress is former actress in cinema like here. Compare to others Neena Guptha acted very few movies but the performance and the character she represented in those movie are still memorable.

Neena Gupta got very attractive and seductive eyes which crate emotive feeling.She got the perfect performance talents. Unlike other young inexperienced actress who fond over acting, Neena Gupta acted so many scenes in perfect manner.However this super hot and talented movie actress got more famous in late 80s decade and acted very few movies compare to others. Following are some information regarding this unforgettable Bollywood movie star.This amazing actress got perfect performance talents and she use her talents very wisely in Hindi commercial and art films.

Cinema career of Neena Guptha

Neena Guptha is an award winning actress and she won National Film Award for Best supporting category for the Hindi Movie called Who Chokri in the year of 1994. Apart from being actress she is also a great Television and movie producer too. Neena Gupta got much success in art movies rather than the commercial movies in North Indian cinema. Neena Gupta got ultimate success in TV series than the Movie sector. She performed several blockbuster Television series and got great reputation and fame in North India.She is one of the most attractive actresses in North Indian Hindi movie industry and she was much famous due to her glamors performance style.

Some Photos of Neena Guptha

Neena Guptha and Cricket Relationships

Utsav is the most popular movie of Neena Gupta, Even Neena Gupta did very minor character in that movie she got great reputation due to several hot scenes which performed. Indian cinema and International cricket were the most popular sector in India and sometimes both of them were connected. There are several relationships happened between Cricketer and Bollywood actress. Neena Gupta also had a relationship with very popular West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards and they both have a daughter. After that Neena Guptha had several relationships and she became one of the gossips making hot star in Indian cinema.

Some Video of Neena Guptha

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Television Career of Neena Guptha

After their time of performing on film has gone they tend to perform in Serials, doing mature roles in hot films and doing some television advertising performing. Here are some hot actress which became older and now performing Aunty and mature roles in South Indian and Bollywood films and Serials.She has played such diverse roles in her movies and has good performance ability.Neena Guptha is not much appear in Television as a host or anchor but she rarely appear in some TV serials and celebrity talk shows to maintain her fame. Now she is much popular as TV celebrity and also appear in glamors events.

More picture of Sexy Neena Guptha

Famous movie of Neena Guptha

Year of Released
Movie Name
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Neena Guptha at Bollywood Event

Personal Life of Neena Guphta

Neena Guptha had a many relationships with many popular personalities and there are so many gossips and rumors were all around this actress. She is one of the great examples for glamor and boldness in North Indian Television sector. I am plan to post more contents. Photos and other relevant gossips regarding this hot and sexy actress Neena Gupta in near future. She is one of the highly recognized movie star at Hindi and Bengali cinema and most of her performance styles were followed by young struggling artist.without doubt Neena Guphta is one of super hot seductive stunning performer who is much popular in North Indian Hindi mainstream cinema.

More rare picture of Neena Guptha

Bold and Mysterious Neena Guptha

Any how Neena Guptha is one of the most elegant and evergreen top Hindi movie actress who was much popular in late 80s and 90s decade. This hub is totally dedicated to this fine actress who became much popular in Hindi cinema industry. I am plan to post more and more images and content of Bollywood super actress like Neena Guptha in my future posts and hope that you will watch all those. Thanks all for visit my hubpage and post comments.


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