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Neopets - A great game for kids

Updated on July 30, 2012

Pets on Neopets

Some of the pets you can adopt
Some of the pets you can adopt | Source


What can I really say about this site... I was a Neopets addict when I was about 10 and loved it a lot! I think the site is great for any kid who wants to enjoy their time on the internet. It is monitored and safe for kids, it teaches important things and helps to promote education, and I can honestly say that I learned a ton from the site.

For kids

I am a believer in video games and pets for kids. I feel that the games help to improve mental attentiveness, reflexes, hand eye coordination, learning skills and problem management. With the selection of games that neopets offers (some obvious copies of old games eg. Snake is Meerca Chase) there will be quite a few the child will enjoy.

I also like the idea of a virtual pet for a child. He or she works (plays games) to buy food and clothes for his or her pet. This helps with their understanding of responsibility and their devotion to helping people and animals.

When I was 11 I was able to write full websites full of HTML code. I still understand the code and I first learned it on Neopets. In the game you have a store that you can design and can even start group sites. The only way to design your store with different fonts and colours is to use HTML. Thankfully the site offers a HTML tutorial.

The Neopets Community

An example of a hugely popular community
An example of a hugely popular community | Source


Neopets is a HUGELY successful internet community. You or your child can create a store, a site, a guild or network of friends that you've never known outside of the internet. This is safe and fun for some people. People can challenge others at neopet battles and challenging games.

A great part of neopets is that if you and your child are on it, as separate profiles, they feel connected to you, that you are taking an interest in what they like, and also that they are grown up and respected in a community.


This site can get rather addicting. When I was playing I was playing every game every day to make lots of neopoints. It can get a little excessive. I advise that if you are into the game or interested in it that you pace yourself. It will always be there for you.

I like how much there is to do in the site. You can open your own shop and learn the ropes. You can invest in a fake stock market and understand the way the real one works. You can create a guild where your hobby is shared with many others and you can have a club based on your interests.


- Addicting
- can sometimes make you greedy or neopoint hungry


- Great influence on child development and learning skills
- Fun games and challenging tests
- A virtual community with real people
- space for your hobby to be showcased
- great teacher of HTML
- online, fake stock market to teach you the basics of the system


Although addicting, this is a very very good site for a child and even an adult. You may not appreciate the virtual pet stuff as much as your child but you can learn HTML and other important concepts. Try this site out if you have some spare time. I am glad that I was into it for so long and I'm sure you will find something that interests you!


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