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Nerve (2016) Film Review

Updated on November 28, 2017


Straight off my first impression was the casting this fits in with the audience target, Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are both really popular with late teens/ early adults. The whole theme of this film fits modern day relevance, the music is amazing I loved every song played and it fit the mood of each scene, Rob Simonsen did an amazing job. Straight into the first scene the hidden James Franco reference if you guys missed it was on Venus’ laptop when she was on the newpaper article, an advert for James Franco popped up which I thought was hilarious with his Dave being in the film. The plot was very unique and no film has had this idea before. It was very engrossing the whole way through and it wasn’t all fun and games, there was a dark side to the action which really makes you think about social media and the backlash some people get off it. I also loved the hacking side of the film with Tommy’s character and the ending wasn’t just Vee and Ian getting out of the situation there was a good plot twist and I thoroughly loved the ending and all of the character development.

"A hero can go anyway, challenge anyone, as long as he has the nerve"


No negatives points really about the film,

From the beginning I honestly thought that the characters relationships would be a bit like those in the DUFF but that changed and didn’t follow the cliché ending which was great. This isn’t a negative but they had a typical ‘popular’ crowd in and Vee being the shadow of Sydney and everything but again it turned out amazingly.


I would say that the audience age would be suitable for 14+ maybe 13, all teens and young adults. More of a teen flick sleepover film rather than a family film as it relates more to that age range.

Overall I loved the film and the plot and the characters. Very unique and unexpected.

Nerve Trailer

© 2017 Eleanor Craig


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