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Netflix Binge: The Best Tv Shows On Netflix

Updated on August 11, 2016

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Number of Seasons On Netflix: One

Genre: Sci/fi, Thriller, Mystery

As you will see from the remainder of the list, I typically go for the more realistic and relatable TV shows centered around the workplace or day to day life, relationships, etc. So a sci-fi/thriller series isn’t exactly at the top of my Netflix queue.

I can honestly say I never would have never chosen to watch this series on my own, however I happened to walk into a friend’s apartment midway through the 1st episode ad – this is not an exaggeration at all - .we both sat on her couch for the next 8 hours and watched the entire first season. It’s that good.

The plot of Stranger Things is so complex that it is almost impossible to summarize, especially without giving too much away, but here is a glimpse:

A little boy is missing, and while his three best friends are out looking for him, an adorable and mysterious little girl shows up in the woods named “Eleven” (Millie Bobby Brown.) We soon learn that she has “superpowers” and can move things with her mind, which has subjected her to a past of basically being a “lab rat” tested on by “the bad people.” She is on the run to escape this life and may just hold the secret to finding Will, the boy’s best friend. Over 8 episodes you learn of an entire alternate universe and the monsters that live inside.

This is a crazy sci-fi-thriller series, but interestingly, the reason you’ll be hooked is because of the lovable characters, the flawless writing, and most importantly – the mystery element. You won’t be able to just turn it off after an episode and go about your day because so much of the story unfolds each episode and the ending leaves you wanting more and more. Thank goodness Netflix doesn’t make you wait a week in between episodes! I’d start this one on a Sunday to avoid calling in sick to work.


Number of Seasons On Netflix: 10

Genre: Sitcom

Themes: Friendship (duh), young adult life, growing up, relationships, humor, love

What it's about: it's all in the title. “Friends” follows Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey from their mid 20s to their mid-30s living the young adult life in New York City.

Although at times this show has that Cheesy 90s sitcoms vibe, “Friends” still remains my all time favorite show.

For me, it's all in the characters. As you get to know the six protagonists, you will see a little of yourself and a little of your own “friends” along the way.

Haven't you ever heard your overly-neat-to-the-point-of-OCD friend be called a “Monica?” The ability to relate to each of the characters-their struggles and triumphs, strengths and faults- is what makes viewers fall in love.

Over 236 episodes you will live life through six of the most lovable characters ever brought to television.

You’ll spend copious amounts of time drinking coffee at “central perk,” get your dream job, get fired, lose your apartment, lose your monkey, fall in love, get drunk and married in vegas, get divorced three times, Give birth to your brothers triplets, find your head stuck in a thanksgiving turkey, and, most importantly, you’ll have your friends by your side through it all.

if you're not,sure where to start, check out my article listing the all time funniest episodes of Friends.

Watch FRIENDS if you liked: How I Met Your Mother (Although Friends is much, much better)

Making A Murderer

A harrowing story of a man imprisoned for 14 years for a rape he did not commit, proven innocent and released, and then shortly after accused of a crime that could mean LIFE in prison. If you haven’t heard of Netflix’s latest original, a true crime documentary series titled “Making a Murderer, you must be spending a little too much “me” time.

As soon as the series started streaming it seems just about everyone took the weekend to binge watch all 10 episodes, and best of all – we’ve all formed our own very strong opinions on the details of Steven Avery’s story and are ready argue our case as soon as we hear the word “Netflix.”

This show will leave you with many unanswered questions: “Was he framed?” “Did he do this?” “What is WRONG with the justice system?” All the topics I’ve spent hours debating iwht coworkers, friends, twitter followers..really anyone who will play lawyer with me for awhile.

Maing a murdered is so addicting it will have you calling in sick for work to get watch one more episode and then researching the case further when your done – great job Netflix!

Breaking Bad

Number Of Seasons On Netflix: 5

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Themes: Crime, Violence, Family, Relationships, Death, Drugs

What it's about: In Breaking Bad’s series premiere, we find out that our protagonist, a high school chemistry teacher named Walter, has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His main concern after learning the devastating news is his families financial wellbeing after he is gone

So let's think.. What skills does a chemistry teacher have that allow him to make a lot of money really fast..with death quickly approaching, obeying the law is pretty much a nonissue.

Well here's Walter’s solution: he, along with his former student and now partner in crime, begin to cook and sell mass amounts of crystal meth from a POS van in the middle of the desert. Is that what you guessed?

The show follows the two as they enter the world of drug production and trafficking as well as all of the trials that come along with their new lifestyle: the constant threat of police intervention, the angry and violent criminals they are forced to build relationships with, and the stress of hiding a second life from their loved ones.

Walter’s dramatic transition from mild-mannered, law abiding high school teacher to a feared, badass criminal will have you calling in sick to watch the next episode (or 10.)

Watch Breaking Bad If You Liked: The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos

Orange Is the New Black

Number of Seasons On Netflix: 3. This is Actually a Netflix Original series. Which is awesome because that means the entire season releases at once (and causes mass Netflix binging.) So far there are 3 seasons available to stream on Netflix and season 4 is in the works.

Genre: Dramady, Dark Humor

Themes: Prison, Crime, Personal Growth, Change, LGBT, Relationships

What It’s About: OITNB centers around the women of “Litchfield’s Women’s Penitentiary.” The protagonist is a young woman named Piper, a privileged Caucasian woman with an initially meek demeanor overtop a tough, strong soul.

Season one begins with Piper saying her goodbyes to Gary, her (particularly bland) fiancé, and turning herself in for a nine month sentence in prison due to basically a “wrong place at the wrong time” past life experience. Jenji Kohan’s (yes, the writer of ‘weeds’) raw and simple style fits well with this storyline, and allows viewers to experience the transition from freedom to an unknown world with its own set of rules right alongside Piper

Throughout the 3 seasons viewers follow Piper’s ups and downs as a Litchfield inmate. A journey filled with lots of laughs and newfound friendships, a stray chicken, inmate violence and drug trafficking, power abuse by corrupt corrections officers, a completely incompetent and uninterested Warden, the racist society that unfortunately rules most prisons, a “nun-strike,” Suicide and murder, pregnancy while incarcerated, betrayal and abandonment by those outside Litchfield’s gates, a used underwear selling business operation, cockroach training, oh and tons (and I mean TONS) of lesbian sex.

In true Kohan fashion, a LOT happens In small amount of time and as she reveals the backstory behind each inmate, you truly sympathize. Even the most unlikable characters have built in endearing qualities that will tug at your heartstrings. I don't want to give anything away, but this series is definitely binge-worthy and will take over your life for a day or two once you get a few episodes in.

Watch OITNB If You Liked: Weeds

Reader Opinion

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Law And Order: SVU

Number Of Seasons on Netflix: Seasons 12-16 are on Netflix.. They used to all be on there but that is no more. Good news though! If you have a Hulu Plus account they're all on there :)

Genre: Drama

Themes: Crime and punishment, Mystery, Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia, Psychology, Rape, Murder

What it's about: Each Episode of Law and Order: SVU is prefaced by the same announcement:

"In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories."

Due to the shows thematic material, some episodes can be quite disturbing. If you have the stomach for it though, this is the kind of show you won't be able to take your eyes off. Detectives Benson and Stabler rule most of the first 14 seasons, and are both complete badasses. They handle rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and sadists daily and have more than a few close calls.

The show also has several guest stars (Hilary duff, John Stamos, Robin Williams, Sarah Hyland, Bradley Cooper to name a few) who seem to step into the creepiest, most deranged characters the writers can come up with. Guest Star episodes are always a treat.

I love this show because of the mystery and plot twists. Some episodes will have you convinced of whoever committed whatever horrible act has happened and then flip everything upside-down and blow your mind with who really ends up behind bars. There are a handful of exceptionally suspenseful, controversial, and “effed up” episodes, which I have listed in my article on the best episodes of Law and Order: SVU

Watch LAOSVU If You Liked: Law and Order (the regular kind), Criminal Intent


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