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Netflix Hits Big With Three Original Series

Updated on December 17, 2014

The Killing

Rosie Larson has been found drown in the trunk of a car in a lake just outside the suburbs of Seattle. A hotly contested mayoral race is under way and now finds itself entangled in the murder investigation of a 17 year old high school student whose past is more clouded than anyone could have imagined. A bride to be, single mother Sarah Linden has put her wedding and a new life in California on hold as she is determined to find Rosie's killer. Her unlikely partner is Stephen Holder who is battling demons of his own throughout the series. The Killing was originally shown on AMC but has since been picked up and revamped by Netflix. So perhaps not a Netfilx "original" it is now part of Netfilx's broadening array of television series. The on-screen chemistry between Linden and Holder is fantastic and you can't help but root for these two plain clothes detectives as they breakdown Seattle in search of a killer. The Larsen murder encompasses the first two seasons as the subsequent seasons take on a new case that brings light to Linden's dark past. Superb acting and writing will definitely please the avid crime series viewers and will even attract other viewers who shy away of from the Omni-present cop dramas on network television. And the best part is that its on Netflix so you can binge watch through this relatively unknown thriller!


Orange Is The New Black

If you like dark comedies they don't come much darker or funnier than Netflix original Orange Is The New Black. Piper Chatman is serving a 15 month sentence for her part in a drug smuggling ring from several years in the past. Since her lesbian affair that led to smuggling drugs with her then girlfriend Piper has gone straight in more ways than one. She has moved on from her wild days to become a New York City yuppie with her fiancée Larry and is the furthest thing from the hardened criminals she is now sharing a prison with. Though ultimately not prepared for the harsh realities of prison life Piper embarks on her 15 month sentence with the best of intentions for maintaining a life on the outside while just reading her way through her time. Oh the best intentions, once in prison Piper is faced with a startling new reality and a cast of characters that take her into a whole new world where she is now in the severe minority as a white privileged girl from the city. Meanwhile her friends, family, and even her business are moving on without her. The show splits it story lines by delving into a different inmates backstory in each episode while maintain the current story line in and outside of the women's prison. Even the guards and prison administration play big roles in this Netflix hit.

Netflix went all out grabbing up a great cast for their new series that debuted in 2013. Although relatively unknown before Orange, Taylor Schilling has already been nominated for two Emmy's for her role as Piper Chatman. And while the rest of the cast aren't exactly household names the actors are easily recognizable. Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon most notably from American Pie and That 70's Show fame, respectively, headline this recognizable cast. Charismatic, funny, whitty, Netflix made have made their biggest heist by signing on with the creator of Showtime hit Weeds, Jenji Kohan. Kohan has based the series on a former New York women's inmate and her memoirs. From premise to script, to cast Orange has it all and is must watch that easily crossed off your list with Netflix instant streaming.


House of Cards

When political dramas grow up, they hope to be half of what House of Cards has stacked up to be. But what else would you expect from Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as they team up to become television's power couple, and when I say power that would be an understatement. Kevin Spacey is Frank Underwood who is on the political fast track to the White House, only its not quite fast enough for his liking, so he is going to give it a little nudge or two. Sex, murder, media manipulations, power plays, nothing is out of bounds for Underwood. Masked by his smooth southern demeanor, the congressman from Georgia plays it all off so well. Wright plays Claire Underwood, perhaps his only equal in cold hearted brilliance, and desire for ultimate power. The Underwoods will stop at nothing to attain their ultimate goal, and the series takes on their personalities as Netflix hits big with this Emmy nominated series. Pulls like Spacey and Wright are part of what is making Netflix a juggernaut with its original series. With only two seasons out so far we can expect much more from this political drama in the future despite the major crux of season two. I typically have a rule when it comes to television, no politics, no cops, and no hospitals, but these Netflix originals are so good that I am breaking not one but two of my rules!

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Next for Netflix

Netflix is continuing to put out new television, and has recently put out Peaky Blinders a crime drama set in 1920s England. The show features Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) as Tommy Shelby, the leader of a fierce family gang known for their razor blades, quick fists, and ruthless business tactics. Set in post war England, themes from the after math of World War 1 are prevalent through the show. Good violence and decent story lines are shaping this series up despite the thick English accents that make it incredibly hard to understand in certain parts. For a full breakdown I'll get back to you when I've seen a bit more of this one.

Cillian Murphy at The Peaky Blinders Premier
Cillian Murphy at The Peaky Blinders Premier | Source


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