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Netflix Picks: Spotlight Spoiler Free Review

Updated on July 21, 2016

Spotlight Movie Poster

About the Film

Spotlight is a film that handles some very heavy subject matter and deals with the incredibly busy life of journalists. The movie was a 2015 film that really made a run for the Oscars. It is directed by Tom McCarthy who earned a nomination for an Academy Award with this film. The film gets an R rating due mainly to language and suggestive themes. Totaling up a 2 hour and 9-minute run time, it is a long film, but it needs it for this material. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Live Schreiber.


Spotlight delves into the true story of the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize winning report of Catholic church cover up of sexual abuse by priests by the “Spotlight” team. The movie is gifted with an incredible cast that really flexes their acting muscles. The film is incredibly deep and shows an incredibly controversial story about the corruption of the Catholic church. It is a deeply engaging movie and could be pretty offensive to some, but good art tends to be controversial.


Some may see this film as taking a shot at the Catholic church, but that is not a goal at all. The incredible cast shows off how well they can act and truly embody all the characters to show that organizations can become corrupt. The film delivers the message that, even though the Church is supposed to be a holy place it can be corrupted. That being said, what could possibly happen to other organizations that do not have positive motives such as the Church. The film is not about corruption though. It really is about the investigation. The movie shows the true depth and work that goes into incredible investigation and the intensity of their journalism. It never strays from the subject matter to chase the rabbit of subplots. There are hints at the personal lives of the characters, but it is used very well to simply show the character of the actors rather than set up a subplot. The film does not have a true back story they are trying to follow either. It is all about what is happening in the present time and the current investigation that is taking place. The biggest issue with the film is that the characters are difficult to analyze. They are just taken at face value. The characters have some depth, but it is hard to see it because the audience has no backstory to any of the characters. The internal struggle of keeping the news story a secret from the public never gets really addressed. They kind of bring up that they feel bad for not telling everyone already that there is corruption of the Church, but they also just brush that issue under the rug. Again though, that is not the point of the movie. It is really just about how the news was discovered and taken into account.

Final Thoughts

Overall the film is rather engaging and a fun viewing. It really shows the intensity of a journalist and the importance of journalism as well. The film dominates with incredible acting and story telling that really is engaging. The ending is already known due to it being based off an actual event. It does have a flaw that seems like should be addressed, but it would have added more time to an already long movie. The film is great art though. It is worth a watch.

Grade: A-

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