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Netflix Picks: V/H/S

Updated on June 30, 2016

V/H/S Movie Poster

About the Film

VHS is a horror cult movie from 2012 that has an interesting idea, but was poorly executed. Directed by David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Ti West, and Radio Silence, and receiving a hard “R” rating because of nudity, language, and violence (Flixster).


The film’s plot is about a small group of criminals that are hired to go get a vhs tape. When they arrive at the location, they find a corpse sitting in a room watching various TVs. There is only one TV playing a video while the others are just showing static. The one video that is playing is a collection of what seems to be home videos of people dying via paranormal means. This video is what is shown for the majority of the movie: A paranormal snuff film.


VHS is about 15 years too late. It should have come out when vhs was still a popular form of watching movies. It may have been more terrifying if that were the case. Because it came out in 2012 though, it has very little to no relevance in this day and age. The film mainly is just watching the movie within the movie, so it tries to be very meta. Almost like a horror rip off the Shakespeare play Hamlet during which they put on a play. That does not work well in this case. The movie provides no real scares, just some gruesome things happen and it is blamed on ghosts. The cinematography is pretty poor as well. It has the quality of a home video for most of the movie, which was the desired effect, but it does not work for this film. The entire story is not even relevant. There is no point to anything that is happening. The writing is not the best. The dialogue is pretty lacking and feels forced at times. Some of the language used just does not seem applicable to the characters. The writing causes characters to say things that do not line up with the time period being portrayed. The camera work is terrible. The film within a film aspect is bad. The idea of watching a home movie style horror film was awesome when done correctly, as we see in Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

Final Thoughts

For what it is worth, the concept in and of itself has potential. It was just incredibly poorly executed. At least the acting is not the worst that has ever been filmed. It accurately depicts the way humans interact…sometimes. Other times it is overly dramatic garbage. To sum it up, the movie is pretty rough. It seems to be forced and is not a great horror film at all.

Grade: F

V/H/S Trailer


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