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Netflix Review

Updated on September 10, 2015

What I Think

I currently have a Netflix subscription and I watch it regularly. In the beginning Netflix seemed like the ultimate movie-watching platform and that nothing could possibly be bad about it. But I have to say it's not perfect. I have seen the downsides of Netflix but it doesn't mean it's not worth to take a ''look'' at.

Remember that all of these pros and cons comes from only one person and his opinions.


+ Great Sound and Video Definiton

+ Tons of Categories

+ Decent TV-Series like Supernatural, Orange Is the New Black and Dexter.

+ Good Variety of Movies.

+ Pretty Price worthy $7.99month (as of 2015 September 9th)


- They sometimes remove movies and series from Netflix to make space for new ones?!

- They add new movies and series far too rarely.

- Loading times can be slow when your internet is not especially good

So overall I think Netflix is Good. And you should definitely try it out if you are not a movie freak and too picky about them removing and adding series you might still be watching.

Movie Variety
Movie Quality
Sound & Video Definition

Kids Mode

Netflix has a special feature that is called Kids Mode which allows users to sort movies by the movies that are okay and specially designed for children. This way your children has use of Netflix too.

Orange Is the New Black Netflix Trailer

What do you think of Netflix?

3 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Netflix

Others out there

If you feel like Netflix is nothing for you then these are some other options

- Hulu Plus (Cost)

- Swefilmer (free, be aware of LEGAL RISKS!)

Or just go watch the TV god darn it!



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