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Netflix vs. Lovefilm | Which is better?

Updated on September 9, 2014
Netflix vs Lovefilm-  Which is better?
Netflix vs Lovefilm- Which is better? | Source


Lovefilm (owned by Amazon), well known for beginning the craze for offering an online TV/movie streaming service in which subscribers can watch any given movie or TV show through their service as many times as they like for a set monthly fee. The Lovefilm service costs £4.99 (subscription free) per month with a free month trial for new customers with an easy to back out function if the customer decides the service was not to their liking. The Lovefilm service is jam packed with movies and TV shows which are regularly being updated for the benefit of the customer.

Since the release of the Lovefilm online TV/movie streaming service it has hit of huge with much success across the world. Netflix being the big competitor for Lovefilm with a very similar service which offers TV shows/movies for the customer just as Lovefilm offer. This is why it is increasingly important for Lovefilm to stay on their feet to create a better, more likeable service which has a future.

The first step which Lovefilm have made to improving the service is small yet notably noticeable which is by changing the name of the service which has now changed from Lovefilm to Amazon prime instant video. Whether this is the first step to getting ahead of the Netflix competition, who knows as only time will tell.


Netflix, well known for the service which it provides for a TV/movie streaming service which costs £5.99 (subscription free) per month. The service can be accessed through wifi access allowing the service to be streamed through any smart TV, Xbox 360/One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Wii, laptop/PC, smart phone or tablet. The service provides an wide variety of movies new and old with a selection of genres to choose from. The TV side to the service is exceptional with a wide variety of television shows to view at any given time through the selected devices allowing for ease of viewing at any time.

The popularity of the service has grown rapidly with millions of users accessing the service which is largely due to the bargain price as well as variety in the selection for its users. Netflix is easy to use with an account set up which could not be any simpler with a one month free trial for new users which is easy to back out of if the individual decides the service is not to their liking. Netflix has a smart logo and corporate image which makes it hard not to fall for its attractive exterior however the interior which is the service itself is exceptional with a lot to offer for its users which makes it a bargain for the price you pay.

The Netflix service aims to grow in the upcoming months in 2014 with expansion on the current number of movies and TV shows which they are currently streaming to keep up to date with the competition. Netflix have already taken their service into TV with their own channel which if you are a Virgin media customer and have Tivo then you can access Netflix through their new channel.

Netflix- No.1
Netflix- No.1

Netflix- No.1 service (2014)

Netflix has been a strong contender for the No.1 spot among the best TV/movie streaming services with its gloriously red and white logo and devilish amount of fantastic movies and TV shows in its library which I believe makes it the No.1 TV/movie streaming service for 2014 so far.

I have now used the Netflix service myself for about 1 year and have seen no issues with the service personally as the library has been great with a variety of great TV shows and movies to keep you satisfied. Thinking of the saving which you make with not buying the TV series box sets and movies which are uploaded to the service, it makes it all worth while. Having a smart TV allows for a perfect viewing of the service for myself as I do not like the thoughts of using a gaming console or tablet to watch movies which is why I am glad that smart TV's were invented.

I have noticed that the service is updated regularly both with its library and its layout on the service which helps to make it the service for me. Although £0.99 more than the Lovefilm service per month, the library certainly reflects this making the £0.99 more which is pittance if you think about all of the extra great movies which you get with Netflix.

Lovefilm- No.2
Lovefilm- No.2

Lovefilm- No.2 service (2014)

Lovefilm is by far one of the best TV/movie streaming services available with a monthly subscription charge of £4.99 which is affordable. Although there are a few flaws to the service which they provide as although they offer thousands of movies on their service, they are mostly unheard of and simply rubbish. I feel that the obvious problem is clear, which is to lower the number of films they offer, uploading the better Hollywood associated movies. The service as it stands is pretty good considering the low price which you pay for it with a regular supply of new movies on the service ensuring entertainment via WiFi 24/7.

The layout when you enter onto the system is fairly basic with a simple understanding of where everything is including the genres which are laid out beautifully. Although a little misleading with the images printed on the genre pages as they used a movie screen shot for a popular movie from that particular genre which I did not always find fitting. The layout on their system could be improved as the website could let you get to where you wanted a little simpler without any confusion. As far as the selection itself for movies and TV series it is vast with a particularly excessive amount of movies. This would be a good point to make about their service except 90% of these movies are either really old, undeniably rubbish or unheard of to 99% of its services users.

Owned by Amazon, I had high hopes for the service from the outset expecting wonders when subscribing to the one month free service. Some of the TV series were great which I felt made the service worth the £4.99 fee each month except the movie selection was overwhelming with terrible movies which shocked the belief that there are movies out there which are quite that bad. Either Lovefilm just wanted to add to the service, the fact that they offer thousands of movies or they just wanted to turn the online TV/movie streaming service into something which may only be described as hell.

In saying this Amazon have recently changed the branding for the service with the Lovefilm name being changed to Amazon Prime instant video (or for short 'Amazon Prime') which may just be smart marketing or this could be the symbol for a change. The service has now changed in the fees as the monthly fee has changed from £4.99 to £5.99 which would leave one to assume that they want to go head to head with Netflix. Amazon Prime and Netflix now charge a subscription fee of £5.99 for their service which will bring them in a battle for the same customers as the true temptation will be the quality of the service which they each provide as Amazon Prime is no longer the cheaper choice.

I hope to regain confidence in Amazon Prime with the new and improved service which they are now providing for their TV/movie streaming service which may take the lead in the market. Is this just smart branding or a real change to the TV/movie streaming service as a whole, well we will just have to wait and see.

Netflix or Lovefilm

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Thank you for reading the article, I hope it was insightful and helped clarify which online TV series/film service provider is the best. If you have any thoughts concerning the article then please leave a comment below.


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