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Netflix Series The Naked Director Depicts the Journey of Japanese Erotica

Updated on August 14, 2019
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Portia, a trained dancer who also takes interest in reading, writing and discussing films, has reviewed Netflix series The Naked Director.


Netflix never ceases to surprise its ardent viewers with its diverse content palette in films and series. Be it a mind-bending sci-fi series like 'Black Mirror' or like 'The Naked Director' that depicts the revolutionary transformation of Japan's pornographic industry, set in the 80s.

Featuring an 18+ alert, 'The Naked Director' is all about sex, real, hard-hitting sex!

Directed by Mahaharu Take the series is a Netflix original, largely biographical infused with fine comic timings.

Well, before we proceed further, allow me to mention that the series is based on true events and inspired by the life and times of Japan's controversial director Toru Muranishi. Referred as "the dirtiest of the industry's dirty old man", the personage is known for introducing his quasi-documentary style in Japanese adult films, that has remained popular till date.

'The Naked Director' season 1 thrives on Muranishi's early life as a salesman of English encyclopedias and how a robbery leads him to become what he had to become. Muranishi's wife's infidelity, his abusive childhood, personal misfortunes also play a key role, how the 'Emperor of Porn' visualized and executed his works as a director. The series, in fact, asserts that Muranishi is the foremost in his genre to show 'real sex' in his adult films. Before him, the Japanese porn industry faked the carnal plays onscreen and never allowed uncensored clips.

The periodic series is no masterpiece! However, it is utterly engaging, engrossing and none of its episodes misses nude delineations or sexual acts. Right from the beginning of its pilot episode, an abundance of steamy scenes succeed at grabbing attention but hardly appear to be unnecessary or enforced.

The makers of this series surely deserve kudos (in Japanese style) for choosing such a bold subject matter and carrying it out with such finesse. Remember 'The Wolf of Wall Street'? Such ease with which undaunted nudity and a man's utmost desire for money and power were blended... like nothing was out of place!

But the Di Caprio cult flick would push 'The Naked Director' few miles behind on one criterion... acting! I can actually give you a count, as very few of its cast exhibit brilliance in character portrayals. Especially, I found its lead actor Takayuki Yamada slipping into the shoes of Japan's Porno King, in such a disappointing manner! With timid expressions, his face remained blunt all through, even at the climactic moments, whereas, his peer actors performing next to him, surpassed their protagonist numerous times.

Being a period drama, my analytic vision observes the detailing very closely. In terms of makeup, costumes, setting, the series is as per with the standards I'd say, if not perfect to the T.

I was immensely impressed by the use of the series' background score. Crisp, peppy, so 80s yet contemporary, helps the script and frames to achieve the dramatic heights it is aimed at.

Precisely, Muranishi was a gamechanger in terms of his contribution to the adult film industry in Japan, who firmly believed in staging the true selves of humankind onscreen. And 'The Naked Director', following his life, has already garnered 8.3 ratings on IMDB, which is commendable!

So yes, I would definitely recommend this periodic series to you, a true suggestion from a true film buff.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Portia Deb


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