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Netflix's Best International Shows

Updated on December 19, 2016

Streaming TV shows and movies have come of age. When it first began not that long ago, there were many issues Netflix had to solve to make streaming the "next wave" of online content. Today, Netflix is developing into a great, new, international venue for its own TV shows with subtitles in English. Of course, you can still see all the standard TV shows on the networks that are broadcasted, but it is their internationally produced TV shows that are shining, if you do not mind subtitles.

The international shows are equal in all ways to the American ones. The benefit of watching these is to look through a window into their culture. There are some fascinating shows that are gripping. Some of the foreign content is dubbed in English. The following list are my favorites.

  • Nobel - A Norwegian show about its soldiers in Afghanistan and their return home with political\terrorist connections. Great!
  • Fauda - This is an Israeli show about a special anti-terrorist unit there fighting the Palestinians. It is gritty and follows both sides of the war from different points of views. Dubbed in English.
  • 3% - A Brazilian sci-fi show where only 3% of the population is allowed to have the "good" life if they pass a variety of tests. However, there is corruption in the system. Really interesting premise, well done.
  • Mossad 10 - Another Israeli show that mirrors the American " Quantico" TV show where Mossad recruits undergo a series of tests and situations to become one of them. Equal to the American counterpart.
  • Wentworth - The Australian version of "Orange is the New Black" and I think predates the American series (maybe this is where they got the idea).
  • La Nina - A Spanish show of child soldiers in Central America and how it impacted them as they get older.
  • Estocolmo - Another Spanish show where the Mexican D.A. is trying to shutdown a human trafficking ring with plenty of surprises and backstabbing by those trying to prevent it.
  • Black Mirror - This favorite is like the old American "Twilight Zone" or "Outer Limits", but is British. This is always fascinating in its presentation of odd situations or conditions in the 21st Century.
  • Sandstorm - An Arab movie about how modern teens are clashing with old customs. In this case, how the father has prearranged a marriage for his daughter who is in love with another teen from a different tribe. Plenty of emotional conflict.
  • OA - While it is American, one of the producers of the show is Brad Pitt. Even though he is not in it, the show follows a woman who changed when as a child, she died and came back to life. The story is alarming because is blind until her sight returns.
  • Case - From Iceland, a gripping crime show and how police detectives try to solve a sex trafficking ring murder and who is behind the ring for perverse reasons.
  • Rectify - Although American, it follows a man who was wrongly convicted and released after 20 years. If you have wondered what it might be like to be an ex-felon when returning home, watch this. Great acting and story.

There are always more Netflix produced shows being made. Some may only be 4-6 episodes. The variety on Netflix has grown over the years to satisfy your watching tastes, making it a great alternative to network TV.


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