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Never Be Too Confident

Updated on March 30, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island 3/30 Recap

His Own Worse Enemy

At Zapatera, David is wondering if he'll get booting for voting against his tribal alliance by siding with Stephanie and trying to get Sarita voted out. Dave makes things worse for himself when he blows off Sarita when she tries to make nice with him.

Yada Yada Yada

Over on Redemption Island, Stephanie is driving Matt batty. It seems Miss Motormouth won't shut up. Her gums are rattling non-stop. He can't wait for the face-off. If he wins, she goes and if he loses, he goes. Win-win situation.

Phillip and Rob call dibs to go over to RI to view the challenge. David and Ralph go for Zapatera. Rob and Phillip are rubbing each other the wrong way. Rob says Phillip is dangerous because he's so stupid.

The duel is a giant memory game. The first person to successfully make five matches wins. This will be Matt's fifth win if he can pull it off.

First round: Both Matt and Stephanie make a match.

Second round: Neither makes a match.

Third round: Matt makes a match, Steph doesn't.

Fourth round: Matt and Steph both make a match.

Fifth round: Both make matches.

Sixth round: Neither makes a match.

Seventh round: Matt make the fifth and final match and Steph is elminated.

As she leaves she urges Ralph to do the smart thing and get rid of Sarita instead of David. She also warns Rob that they got rid of Russell and he's next.

Matt heads back to his camp to await the next person booted out.

Frick and Frack

Rob is convinced Phillip is going to try and get rid of him. Phillip asks Rob how he wants to play it when they get back to Ometepe. Should they tell the truth of what went down or lie. This is music to Rob's ears, as he plans to use that against Phillip to throw Phil under the bus. Rob wants everyone to think he's a target and that Phil is aligned with the other team.

You Know You're A Redneck if...

Ralph totally blows up Steph's advice that they should get rid of Sarita instead of Dave because Dave is the better player and good at solving puzzles. It seems like everyone on the tribe is of the same mind as Ralph, as they all say Dave is getting on their nerves. Ralph goes so far to declare that Dave's gotta go.

Last time they were in agreement to get rid of someone they threw the comp. Will they do it, again?

He's Got Tiger's Blood And Adonis DNA

Phillip is chewing and watching Rob's groupies going on and on about how the crispy rice must be left for Rob since he likes that best. When Phil goes over for some of that crispy rice, they tell him he can't have it. It's for Rob. This ticks Phil of and he complains all they can say is, "Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob..." Phillip is sick about the girls being all about Rob. He says they're even sleeping in Rob's underwear. TMI, TMI. Phillip vows to get rid of Rob. Phillip believes he should be getting the treatment Rob is getting. That he should be considered patriarch of the tribe and given his due.

This Week's Immunity Challenge

Teams have to make it through an obstacle course to collect three bags that each contain two balls. Then they have to throw all six balls into a basketball net to win.

Frick and Frack actually help to give Zapatera a lead when Rob can't get one of the bags released and Rob has to help Phillip climb through part of the obstacle course. However, Ometepe has better basketball players and they sink their six balls into the net before Zapatera can, winning another immunity challenge.

Phillip got lucky, cause if Ometepe had lost the immunity challenge, I think Boston Rob would have made sure his butt got sent over to Redemption Island. Unfortunately for David, things don't look good for him.

The Reward

Ometepe gets to take a helicopter ride and view a live volcano and land on top of it where they have a picnic filled with treats. Boston Rob is on the look out for the next clue to the immunity idol, which he has, and easily pockets it under his tribe's nose without any of them being none-the-wiser. Afterwards, he disposes of it.

Hedging Her Bets

Sarita goes around her tribe making sure to blacken David's name and to underscore his supposed skill at solving puzzles. But it may not be as clear-cut as her tribe is allowing her to believe it is. They begin debating which would be better: keeping someone whose better at playing the game [David] or keeping someone they believe is trustworthy [Sarita].

Stirring The Pot

Jeff has his weekly chat with the tribe at tribal council trying to stir the pot. He can't resist rubbing it in that since they threw a comp to get rid of Russell they've been on a losing streak. Sarita and Dave have their final say before the voting commences. Sarita says Dave betrayed the tribe by voting for her instead of Stephanie and Dave says he was voting to make his tribe stronger.

Don't Get Too Confident

The votes are read and Sarita gets the shock of her life when she's voted out and sent over to RI. Dave can't resist telling her, "Don't get too confident."

Jeff has his final say by declaring they're not a cohesive group and then sends them on their way.


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