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Never Ever by All Saints

Updated on June 6, 2011

Intro lyrics from Never ever

A few questions that I need to know

how you could ever hurt me so

I need to know what I've done wrong

and how long it's been going on

Wasn't that I never paid enough attention?

Or did I not give enough affection?

Not only will your answers keep me sane

But I'll know never to make the same mistake again

You can tell me to my face or even on the phone

You can write in in a letter, either way I have to know

Did I never treat you right?

Did I always start to fight?

Either way I'm going out of my mind

All the answers to my questions

I have to find.........

Inlove with the lyrics....

The first time I heard about All Saints when I was in high school. I was only 16 then. Where the pop music was a big hit for the genre. I was like listening and singing all those pop hit music without knowing the lyrics. The first ever song I heard from All Saints was in 1997,

"I know Where It's At"...

I really don't know what was it' s all about.

I know they sound cool.

But I was singing like a fool.

But when I heard the second released music on a music video in 1998, "Never Ever"...I heard the Intro and it hit me. A lyrics sounds to be a poem. I'm in love with it. I was saying or singing it again and again. Though I never experienced to be broken hearted that time just like the song but I know for some people out there can relate and understand the song clearly. It was like a love letter written in a poem and it turns out to be a hit song.

They hit the top spot with their very own single. And in 1998, they reached a five-time platinum in the U.K. But the rumors had started with Melanie Blatt getting pregnant and that's the start of the groups breaking up. Though they still sang after the break up and still produced some song like "Pure Shores" the OST Movie of 2000 "The Beach" starring Leonardo diCaprio. and begun to be a big hit in U.K. But then they end up too soon. Never heard of any music from then on. But still their music will always be remembered.

All Saints
All Saints | Source

Names Of All Saints

  • Melanie Blatt
  • Shaznay Lewis
  • Nicole Appleton
  • Natalie Appleton


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