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I Love Lucy; and I can splain why everybody did!

Updated on July 6, 2014

Reasons To Love Lucy!

I Love Lucy!


Lucille Ball
Desi Arnaz
Vivian Vance
William Frawley

This was (and maybe still is) one of the most funny ladies in History!
Yes there were many more, but NOBODY held a candle to Lucy! She was vivacious, full of energy and never ending wit! She was notorious of getting herself in some pretty silly predicaments, and that's what kept us coming back for more. I hope you will enjoy my hub dedicated to the late Lucille Ball, or, as we know and love, Lucy and Ricky Recardo!

This isn't about Lucy Information....

 This is about Lucy's most versatial and outrageous, sweet, quaint, etc. attire! Her OH SO famous faces of surprise, mystique, silly, crazy and just all out fun and beauty she could bestow without one ever thinking her too bold! BOLD she was though, and with what we were told was red hair, we just had to go along with those, seeing I Love Lucy in black and white rather than her later series she had.

So, I hope you enjoy these photographs, they were my favorites, and showed some of her other talents other than being funny. Plus the number of other stars she is shown with, but this again, is not the focus on this page, let's just look at Lucy at some of her funniest and sweetest moments!


Click thumbnail to view full-size

Amazingly Brilliant!

 I hope you liked the slide show! That outfit, and part of it were used for other outfits. Besides her House Dresses, she uitlized what she had very well! I rented the I Love Lucy series from Netflix and it was so great watching them in the order they originally aired! I wish I had of thought to get some snaps of some of the first ones. The pants that Ethel picked out for Ricky to give Lucy for her birthday were hysterical! The Big diamond print with rhinestone studs! That was a classic moment! Enjoy these next pictures, I tried to get the best, and funniest as I could! Enjoy!

Take a look at this slide show as well!

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A Funny & Glamoures Slideshow

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How this guard kept a straight face while Lucy pulled off some of her best tricks of the trade will forever remain a mystery to me! I think we all laughed at her antics! It's so hard to pick a "Lucy Moment" of her funny antics! In her shows I could go on about each one how funny she was, this is one of them.
If she heard they weren't allowed to smile or laugh, you could bet there she would be trying to get someone to laugh. I remember seeing this one for the first time, and there was no way I could stop laughing. Had it been my job to guard while she was there, would have made me lose the job! No way could I hold it in! It was also kind of funny to hear the laugh track playing Ricky's distinctive laugh too. That made some of them even more funny.

Our Funny Lucy!

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Their trip to California was hysterical. Anything to get to see a star, then when she did, she was star struck! I loved this show because of all times to get to model a dress, and keep it, while being sunburned as bad as she was! Being a red head, she had to have been very fair skinned and burnt easily, although I'm sure stage make up played a part, nobody wants to think of that!

She made it so believable that she was hurting with sunburn, that the audience were aching with laughter. Watching her walk down those stairs to get her free dress, one could only image the pain she'd endure! But that's our Lucy, she wasn't going home without one of those dresses, and bless her, if she did a fantastic job at it all.

The Sweet Side, with little Ricky

Is that the sweetest thing ever? Our Lucy trying to lull baby Ricky to sleep only to fall asleep herself! How adorable. Although there had been troubles in their real life, we all still could see the true love in Ricky's face. How could he not be in love with the woman who put laughter in nearly every home in America, until they began to make it around the world.

Little Ricky was a pretty good little actor himself. You'd of thought he was really Desi Arnez Jr if you didn't know better! What a sweet scene with the family all in one room with their few minutes of silence not making a sound other than Ricky singing a true lullaby.

The Famous Foursome!

Why We Love Lucy!

Did you enjoy the random pictures of Lucy?

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    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 7 years ago from Lost in America

      Sandy, so we don't have a misunderstanding :) yes, I Love Lucy was her prime! I've done a bit of research and watched home made video. She was a very smart and savvy talented woman. I'm not sure about vinini, explain if you will thanks for your post.

    • profile image

      sandyswope 7 years ago

      i likelucy ball she is funny pearon on tv notricky ithink stuiped on tvilkk her tvshow i hope dont takeoffthetv she alawymake the tcv showgo lucy and vininkeep ont


    • Katharella profile image

      Katharella 8 years ago from Lost in America

      Hi Kathie, thank you very much! And you're welcome! You know, I never noticed until I rented them as to how much they used the same clothing and had just changed them, and so creatively! I too just loved the house dresses! This woman will keep us in awe forever! :)

    • profile image

      Kathie Barron 8 years ago

      I loved you site and photos were just beautiful. Thanks for putting them up. I love Lucy's house dresses. Even though she was doing dishes and dusting and vacuuming, she looked so pretty.