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New Age Vampires VS Old School Vampires

Updated on February 19, 2013

Rules Have Been Broken

With The box office hit Twilight and HBO's critically acclaimed series Trueblood, vampires are becoming more and more popular then ever before. As a die hard vampire fan, I can't help to notice that, there has definitely been some changes to the rules of Vampire folklore. Don't get me wrong, I am a faithful Trueblood follower and I absolutely love the twilight series, but I've noticed some inconsistencies with old school vampire rules. Hollywood has definitely revamped the idea of how we view vampires. There not seen as evil soulless creatures anymore. Now a days vampire's live in communities with regular humans, they go to school and are popular amongst there friends, and most women can't wait to get there hands on them, risking the chance of being turned into a vampire, just to have one night alone with them. Let's look into some major changes that have occurred over centuries of the vampire legend.


Lets start with appearances, Old School Vampires were not attractive at all, as a matter of fact they were hideous, with long unkept fingernails, that resembled claws, they wreaked of dead bodies and corpses, there breath had a foul odor from drinking blood and eating flesh.There atire was basic, black robes or capes with white shirts underneath. People were repelled by the site of them. New age vampires are very attractive, alluring, mysterious and suave creatures. They have class and style, there clothes have flare and are fashionable. Like the very popular Eric Northman from the Trueblood series.

Twilight Series
Twilight Series | Source

How Vampires Were Destroyed

In Old School Folklore Vampires could be destroyed in several different ways. As history has it, the very popular garlic could repel the old school blood thirsty vampire, the old school vampire would run or hiss at the site of garlic. Unfortunately garlic is not making a comeback with the new age vampire series or movies. Silver, silver is also an old school trait, especially a shot gun with a silver bullet, this could kill or destroy a vampire. In new age vampire, silvering a vamp will just weaken them, not necessarily kill them. Religious shields, such as crosses, bibles and holy water, were sure to keep a vampire at it's distance, or harm them, if holy water was thrown upon a vamp, it was crucial, the holy water would actually deteriorate the flesh of a vampire. With new age vampire's it is rare that someone breaks out a cross and places it upon the vampires head, more old school vampire folklore. Sunlight, in old school vampire folklore vampire's would run or fly at breaking speeds just to be back in there caves or underground before the sun would rise, sun would kill the vampire on site, sun exposure was definitely death to a vampire. New age vampire's have made a new spin on vampire's receiving sun rays, now if a vampire is exposed to sunlight, they become crystallized and began to glow with glitter, like Edward in the Twilight series. In HBO's Trueblood, the sun won't kill you on site, the sun will weaken the vamp, but if exposed for to long, the sun will defiantly kill a vampire. Driving a stake through a vampires heart was very popular amongst old school vampires and can still be seen from time to time in a Trueblood episode. Old school vampires took on bat form and would fly away to there destination, this technique has defiantly lost it's appeal with new age.

In old school vampire folklore if you bit a human, just that one bite, you would automatically turn into a vampire, nowadays, if a vampire bites you, it doesn't necessarily mean you will turn into a vampire. Vampire's can feed off an human and keep them alive as long as they don't drain them completely. With new age vampire's they have to suck you completely dry and bury you underground for 24 hours, until you turn into a supernatural blood sucking immortal. With new age vampires you actually have groups of men and women lined up to be bitten or drained by vampires because they are so obsessed with them, these humans have acquired the nick name, vamp tramps, not only do they want to be bitten by a vampire, they also want a nice roll in the hay. You would never see this in old school vampire movies, no one wanted to be bitten or have a sexual encounter with a hideous vampire. All in all vampires have been written about since roman times, they have longevity, and with shows like Trueblood and Vampire diaries, I think vampires will be around for more generations and even more changes to come.



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    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @RainpurpleWine Yes The glitter is wack!! Lol I like old school :-)

    • rainpurplewine profile image

      Elizabeth 5 years ago from ATLANTA,Ga

      The rules have changed,but some of it has changed for the better. I love the new aged appeal and suave they have,Eric is such a God in true blood. lol I don't like how they make them shimmer in the sunlight in Twilight. The freaks come out at night, so I like that tradition.

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @chef68 Yes day walkers were not mentioned in old school folklore, you are right, rules have been changed and been broken :-)

    • Chef86 profile image

      Nicholas Kinsey 5 years ago from Southwest Atlanta

      So true I am definitely not a fan of the more modern love twists that break the old school vampire rules. Movies like Let Me In and Thirty Days of Night have definitely given the Vampire a modern twist without breaking the rules. I think that BLADE may have been the film that made writers think it was ok to blend the rules, but he was a daywalker like the great Dhampir "D". I love your content but there is a battle to be had in the world of Vampires.