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New Gucci Mane

Updated on July 1, 2009

New Gucci Mane Music

New Gucci Mane music has been getting released on a consistent basis. He released a total of fourteen mixtapes for his fans to hear while he was locked up in jail until late 2009. He is now out of jail and is working hard on a new album as well as two new mixtapes that have been given titles of “Guccimania” and “Guccitendo.” No artist in the hip hop game has gained as much fame and success as Gucci Mane within the past couple of years. He is and will remain one of the best artists in the game because he keeps putting out new stuff for his fans to hear and enjoy.

A new Gucci Mane 2009 track that was recently released is called “Photo Shoot.” This song was featured on his mixtapes, but had not been mastered until he was released from jail. The fans of his absolutely love his new music because he has put out great songs that are radio-friendly. Even though most of his music is meant for the people living in a tough, street environment to relate to, he does make songs like “Freaky Girl” and “She Got A Friend,” which have both been considered very popular songs by Gucci. There are other new songs that he has released as well like “My Shirt Off” and “I Think I Love Her,” which features some guest vocals from Esther Dean. He is also featured in the new song by Soulja Boy called "Gucci Bandana."

Mr. Boomtown, Zaytoven, Gucci Mane

Most of his new music also has great music videos to go along with them. Virtually all of his videos are directed and presented by a talented guy who goes by the name of Mr. Boomtown. He has worked with Gucci Mane in the past and Gucci has always respected him for his talent. The other man responsible for Gucci Mane’s newest music goes by the stage persona of “Zaytoven.” He is a great producer that has contributed a lot to Gucci’s overall success. Because Zaytoven is such a great producer and has helped out a lot with new songs like "Bricks," “Stoopid,” and “She Got A Friend,” Gucci Mane has signed him to his “So Icey Entertainment” record label.

The two musical masterminds will continue to work together until the end of their careers. Zaytoven has a really good time working with Gucci Mane and the same is true for Gucci. Not only has Gucci Mane collaborated with some talented underground artists like Waka Flacka and Frenchie, but he has also worked with bigger superstars. In 2009, Gucci worked with Mariah Carey for her song “Obsessed (Remix)” and fired some lyrical shots at Eminem for talking bad about Mariah in one of his songs on the album “Relapse.” Nick Cannon was glad to hear Gucci Mane was able to contribute to making a new song more successful and appealing to a bigger audience.

Gucci Mane 2009

Most of Gucci Mane’s music demonstrates his maturity as an artist. He has come a long way from back in 1997 when he first began his rap career. The song So Icy gave him a successful start in the early 2000’s, but he has since continued on and in 2009 he had a very successful year thus far. He has released over thirty mixtapes in his career and plenty of independent classic albums. With his new music, he is looking to keep his street appeal, but also guest star on a number of artists who are even more successful.

He has also worked with rap-superstars like Lil Wayne on the song “Steady Mobbin” as well as Juelz Santana and Big Boi on the song “She Got A Friend.” Nobody who knew Gucci Mane would have ever thought that he would go from making music about the trap and hood that he grew up in, to making good music that appealed to a greater audience. The awesome thing about Gucci Mane is that he has a lot of talent compared to most other artists.

The Future of Gucci Mane Music

People respect his ability to appeal to the streets as well as the mainstream. The people in the streets know that he has put out more music that they can relate to than virtually all other artists combined. He has said that he will continue to make good tracks that the people in the streets and his neighborhood can relate to, but he will also try to please the mainstream crowd.

With an artist like Gucci Mane working hard to appeal to everyone, he will have nothing but bright things in store for his future. He loves the fact that all of his fans support his new music and he is an artist in the world of hip hop who is truly passionate about what he does. It is important for his fans to recognize how much he has grown as an artist. Be on the lookout for more new Gucci Mane music in 2009 and be sure to show him support by going out and picking up a copy of his stuff!

Gucci Mane - Gucci Bandana (Video) feat. Shawty Lo & Soulja Boy

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