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New Movie Releases, What's New?

Updated on August 17, 2011

New Movie Releases, What’s New?

New Movie Releases, Whats New?
New Movie Releases, Whats New? | Source

New Movie Releases, What’s New?

New Movie Releases, What’s New?

It would seem as though that theaters are having new movie releases almost as fast as they can think up a new plot. The movie industry is still strong with rocket sales in new movie releases in major theaters across the nation in the United States and abroad. The new movies in theaters are substandard compared to what we had twenty to thirty years ago, and yet Hollywood is able to suspend and sustain a product that is still marketable to the public. The use of the internet has spawned a new group of people that download the new release movies before they are out in the theaters and even though some of these avenues are shut down. The industry knows that Usenet is alive and healthy and relatively not talked about for movie downloading as Hollywood would rather turn its cheek and not have to battle the new way of uploading illegal movies that have not hit the theaters yet. There is a hush attitude amongst the hackers whom download the material and the industry itself. The only reason that nothing is not being done to combat this is there is only one avenue to get these movies, where at periods before movies were shared all over the world twenty times the amount they are now, so some regulation has helped in piracy of downloaded movies.

The new movie release on DVD and in the theaters are not worth the problems of getting caught stealing from these films via the internet. The poor acting and quality in the new movies with the same old cat and mouse themes the new releases in movie theaters are presenting to the public. The movie theaters do not seem to be hurting from the lack of quantity or even the lack of quality the movie industry has released to the public in 2011. This is amazing, as for the quality of the shows or movies have really been about the same plots that have been re- made before and just with new actors or themes. Have we run out of new material, and going back to the seventies and eighties to rehash some blundering movies to sale Hollywood again and to keep interests in people attending movie houses paying upwards to ten dollars a ticket for these new movies released in theaters around the country?

The new movies that are released and then downloaded via the internet by however, should not really upset anyone but corporate movie industry executives. The loss revenue for spotty films and low budget appearing movies that are re-makes from years past will bump the dvd sales down in revenue as more people are watching the older movies that were classics and not buying into this new movie release attitude that the industry is trying to snake its way into our brains. It’s pitiful to see the quality of the new movies that are being pre-released and hailed as such great pieces of movie art, just to find the opposite of this movie release disease in the new movies that are being played out of theaters across the country. Therefore , am I a movie brasher , nope , just want to see some quality work being put out and delivered to these theaters that have been missing with remakes like movies called Author, or the running out of material films where they have to animate films that have a plot we know the outcome will be. Watch a movie from the 1950s and watch the whole thing, It is different in that you probably don’t know what the outcome will be , and the dramatics of the actors is really good and sometimes even funny how dramatic the actors act in the old movie releases of the past. That was acting though and no cussing was needed, they had a way of cussing that was elegant and the sexual innuendos of twin beds in the married couples rooms , kept things innocent in the movies of the past genre. The new to DVD sales of movies in present day are not going to be ones that you are going to want to buy and save them for your kid when he grows up. The movie theaters have shown us that, yes when they release a movie they can still pack the theatres in most cities on the onslaught on the new release movie, but it will not hold on very long as the movie and actors have progressively been uninteresting and mundane.

CHristopher Hyer 8.17.2011


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