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New Music Tuesday - Blink 182 "Neighborhoods" Album

Updated on September 30, 2011

New Music Tuesday's

A good friend of mine turned me onto the fact that most new music is released on Tuesdays, which got me into checking out the new tuesday tuneage. And since there are some times when I really like the music that comes out, or I hear something that really gets my thinker going, I've decided to start hubbing about new music released on Tuesdays, starting with this hub about one of my favorite bands who just so happens to have released a new album today - Blink 182.

Blink 182 "Neighborhoods" Album

It's been 8 years since Blink 182 has laid anything on the table, and longer than that since they've seen real interest from true fans of their original 90's alt rock. So now the band is back and hoping to recapture some of their industrial era gold again, while still moving for a more progressive sound on their new album "Neighborhoods" freshly released 9/27/2011.

This album is meaningful to the band, as many of it's songs were either composed with some influence from their former producer who passed away, or they were inspired for him after his final days as well as many of their days fighting destitute and addiction. So keeping that in mind, many of the songs are written from a 'darker' perspective of mournful band mates who just got back from a break up that led them to various different side projects.

Personally, I like the new album "Neighborhoods". It's not their best work yet, but I think it is work they needed to do. With it out of the way, they can release the old cocoon and bring out the best in themselves (I hope). Many of the songs seem like fillers for the album, and as a struggling musician myself, I can understand there are times when you just need to get that album together and get the emotions out, even if all the songs aren't platinum gold material. Even with many muddy songs, they still managed to get out a few songs that are dynamic and interesting enough to keep the flame burning longer. My favorite songs include: "Love Is Dangerous", "Fighting The Gravity" and "Wishing Well".

If you want to listen to some of the new Blink 182 songs, check out My YouTube Playlist


Snake Charmer - This song went a bit to far away from the "alt rock" feeling that I love so much about blink 182. It's a bit heavier than I would normally expect, but there are some groovy bass riff's here and there if you can make it through the whole song that definitely bring back the Blink 182 feel.

After Midnight - This song seemed kind of like a filler song. It's not a bad song, but it's just not something that really drew me in. It's one of those songs that you listen to but don't really pay that much attention to.

Kaleidoscope - A catchy intro and smooth melodies go well with the quick fitting lyrics in this song. This song actually seems rather upbeat in music form, which is almost confusing along with the sad dulcet vocals. I would give Kaleidoscope one thumb up because I could easily just listen to the music and drown out the vocals, but it just wasn't captivating enough for me to truly get involved with the song.

Wishing Well - This song seems to be there and gone before you know it, not that it's a bad thing. The song is definitely a bit more progressive in guitar and drums, but it's a good fit. I'm definitely a fan of the big drum fills and catchy vocal hooks. This song was definitely good, and I found myself wanting to go back and listen to it several times to learn all the lyrics. Wishing Well is definitely a song I added to my playlist.

MH 04.18.2011 - The song that was originally titled "hold on", got it's name because DeLounge thought the new title sounded "viral", which of course would make it cooler. And I suppose that would've been good if the song was as catchy as its name. The song was... well... 'okay'. If you like songs with heavy beats, dull lyrics and super distorted guitar riffs, then you'd probably be more of a fan of this song than I am. It wasn't horrible as far as music goes and I know this is one of their darker albums, though instead of connecting to that darker side of myself and really feeling the passion of their depression, it mostly just left me board, almost empty of any real emotions for the song one way or the other.

Fighting The Gravity - I have to applaud the groovey and almost creepy intro to this song. It definitely taps into the inner "darkness" and made it worth while to keep listening. It almost reminds me of papa roaches "scar tissue", but not as up tempo. I definitely have to give kudo's to the awesome addition by the keyboard in 'fighting the gravity' and to the whole band for a nice use of sound fx. It's just right so that the effects only add to the song instead of becoming the song, which is the way a real musician should always use sound fx. This one goes on the playlist too. =)

Love is Dangerous - I knew from the beginning that this song was going on my playlist. It's catchy rhythm, slip-slide beats and passionate lyrics drew me in right away. This definitely brings me back to the turmoil of my teenage days when Blink 182 first came out and connects with the heart strings. The volume goes up for this song as the hook pulls you in. Definitely two thumbs up from me.

Ghost on the Dancefloor - This song was supposedly written to honor their long time producer who passed away in recent years. As far as music goes, it's definitely good enough to add to the playlist, though I'd rather have the CD or MP3 then the live version offered by youtube, it just doesn't do it justice.

This is Home - Starting out with an effective progressive feel and then going back into that alt rock pop passion, 'this is home' is definitely a good blend of the old and new, which is what the band was going for with most of this album.

Hearts All Gone - The lyrics of this song really don't seem to fit the pace of the song from a philosophical point of view, but what does that matter when you're whole body dancing to this sweet tune?

Natives - As an intermediate guitar player, I personally cannot imagine trying to keep up the awesome fast paced guitar riff that introduces "natives" to your ears. That's definitely a skill I aspire to gain one of these days. After the intro, the music kind of blurs together until the next bridge, but that's not bad in this song which is vocally driven for the most part.


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    • mattbibledotcom profile image

      mattbibledotcom 5 years ago from Washington DC

      I just saw them in concert in Pittsburgh a couple weeks ago. Surprisingly, it was my first time, and I've been listening to them since Dude Ranch came out. This album has an Angels and Airwaves feel to it, not saying that's a bad thing. If people want the jokes and the funny material, attend their concert. It's kind of what I expected from Blink at this stage. Somedays I want the more serious side of things, some days I want to hear a little "Family Reunion"!

    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 5 years ago from United States

      Wow, has it really been 8 years since Blink's last album? I listened to them as a teenager. I find it interesting that this album is not quite like their old style, despite it being dark. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!