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New Movie Releases Netflix Streaming July 2013

Updated on August 30, 2014
Gillian Anderson Stars In The Fall On Netflix Streaming
Gillian Anderson Stars In The Fall On Netflix Streaming
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

For quite awhile Netflix would publicize the movies and shows it would be releasing to it's streaming service well ahead of time on it's RSS feed.

This was a nice perk to the subscribers of Netflix's streaming service as customers could see what new movies and shows would be available on the service in the coming weeks and days. Why rent a movie or show if you could see it was going to be available on Netflix streaming in the near future?

However, those days are gone, for some unknown reason Netflix discontinued this RSS feed sometime at the end of April 2013.

Netflix has been battling Amazon Instant in a war for streaming supremacy so perhaps it had something to do with that ongoing battle. Amazon for instance could see ahead of time what Netflix was going to release on it's service and act accordingly to try and counter it.

At any rate it's still possible to keep up with what is being released on Netflix as it comes out, there just isn't the lead time that there used to be.

I will be adding a listing of new material as it comes out in July.

In the meantime check out a great show you may have missed that's available to stream now, The Fall.

The Fall
The Fall

The Fall

Netflix continues to dominate the streaming industry, beating out Amazon Instant Video. Netflix has made in- roads into expanding into other countries including Ireland and England.

A side benefit for American Netflix subscribers is the new BBC show Netflix streaming has access to, The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame. Ms. Anderson is an American citizen but resides in England. In The Fall she portrays a detective called into Northern Ireland from London to try and close a recent murder case.

As Ms. Anderson spent much of her childhood in London she has both an American accent and a British accent which she can flip between at will. At first it’s a bit odd to hear her speak in a British accent if you’re used to seeing her in the role of Scully from the X-Files. However, Ms. Anderson brings the same excellent acting skills to bear on The Fall as she did to her X-Files role.

The Fall is produced by the BBC and as Netflix subscribers in the know realize, some of the best television being produced is coming out of the BBC including, Dowton Abbey, Wallander, Luther and Sherlock.

The Fall holds its own against these great shows and adds another compelling drama to Netflix’s stable of excellent import dramas available on it's streaming service.

What's Your Favorite Netflix Produced Show

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Netflix Produced Shows

Netflix over the last year has also produced some quality shows.

LillyHammer is a passable comedy about a mafia member on the run who moves to Norway to escape his troubles.

House of Cards really put Netflix on the map as a contender and inched it closer to it's goal of rivaling HBO as a producer of sought after content.

A new season of Arrested Development was also produced and is available on Netflix streaming.

Hemlock Grove, a horror/drama is watchable but really hasn't gain much traction with viewers.

Netflix keeps its card close regarding reporting viewership of it's newly produced and released shows but from reviews and fan feedback it seems House of Cards was the big winner with subscribers.

56UP Available To Stream In July

56 Up
56 Up

Little White Lies Available In July

Little White Lies
Little White Lies


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