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New Releases On Netflix Streaming In August 2014

Updated on October 1, 2014
Rhona Mitra  stars in The Croupier available on Netflix in August.
Rhona Mitra stars in The Croupier available on Netflix in August.
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

Netflix streaming has thousands and thousands of TV shows and movies in their library.

Each month they add new titles and delete titles from their extensive collection.

This site will attempt to list some of the new releases that will be made available on the service in August. Netflix used to publish this information but in recent years have been more secretive regarding what they intend to release.

Netflix releases new material once per week on Tuesdays and this site will be updated as new information becomes available weekly so check back for updates throughout the month of August.

Final 24

Final 24 is available on Netflix steaming this month. Produced in 2006 the series contains 14 episodes which each follow the last 24 hours in the life of someone famous who died tragically.

The 14 episodes cover the deaths of Sid Vicious, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Hunter S. Thompson, Marvin Gaye, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Tupac Shakur among others.

Final 24 produced in Canada is an interesting documentary series exploring the tragic side of fame.

Best Laid Plans
Blown Away
Becoming Jane
Blue Car
Boys And Girls
Brian's Song
Buffalo Soldiers
Bridget Jones Diary
Corky Romano
Deep Blue
Down to You
I Hate Luv Stories
Escape From L.A.
Event Horizon
A Short History of Decay
The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
The French Minister
The Den
Mickey Virus
It Felt Like Love
Cairo Time
Where the Red Fern Grows
Trees Lounge
The Natural History of the Chicken
The Birdcage
Fall Time

The Killing Final Season Available In August

Rosario Dawson is set to be in Netflix's Daredevil
Rosario Dawson is set to be in Netflix's Daredevil


Netflix has been hitting it out of the park with their self produced shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. They look to add to this powerhouse line up in the near future with their release of Daredevil based on the Marvel comic.

The top notch case will include Charlie Cox in the title role and also Rosario Dawson.

So far Netflix has nailed the comedy and drama genres and looks to have a hit in the super hero market with the release of Daredevil.

Happy Valley 8/20/14

The Croupier

The Croupier stars Clive Owen in one of his earliest roles.

The Croupier tells the tale of a struggling writer who takes a job working in a casino as a Croupier to support himself.

The Croupier won critical acclaim and was a hit with both reviewers and audiences.

George Barry of the BBC states, "For once here is a British film that is both tough and intelligent, and so well-researched that it will probably tell you more about how casinos work than had it been a documentary."

The Croupier is available to stream on Netflix.



Some of the best movies to watch on Netflix are documentaries.

This month you can learn about the inner workings of an American High School, in 180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School.

This documentary explores the national school reform that is occurring and how schools must deal with issues such as teen pregnancy and preparing students for college, often within the same classroom.

Many argue that our nation can only be as successful as our school system given our future citizens come from these classrooms. 180 Days highlights the efforts being made in our schools to put students on the right path.

180 Days: A Year Inside and American High School is available on Netflix in August.


Chelsea Handler moving to Netflix 2016
Chelsea Handler moving to Netflix 2016

Chelsea Handler & Netflix

The most relevant woman in the late-night talk-show game will be mixing things up again.

In 2016, Chelsea Handler is moving her talk show to Netflix. And given Netflix’s recent golden touch the new format should work out well for her.

It should be a better fit for Handler than regular television as she will be able to get away with more and really push the envelope of her sometimes raunchy humor.

Netflix is looking forward to tweaking the late night television format, mostly by making it available on demand and removing the “late night” viewing requirement.

Handler’s ratings have not been that stellar but Netflix doesn’t necessarily care about that as they do not depend on the television advertising model. Handler will definitely capture a specific demographic, most notably women that has been much neglected in the male dominated talk show format of late night television.

Netflix may be looking to build on the success it has had with the female centric comedy Orange is the New Black.

Nymphomaniac Volume One and Two

Netflix Original: Southcliffe

Produced in England, Southcliffe tells the tale of a journalist, who returns to his hometown to cover a mass shooting that has occurred there.

Some of the best shows are being produced by the BBC and are available on Netflix streaming.

Along with Southcliffe you can also watch the excellent BBC produced shows, Luther and Sherlock Holmes.

Expiring Soon: Safety Not Guaranteed expires 8/13/14

Which is your Favorite Netflix Show?

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Netflix Originals

Netflix streaming has been cornering the streaming market mostly due to their highly successful original productions.

The Netflix hits, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards has made having a Netflix streaming subscription a must have for many. Netflix set out to copy HBO's model of producing must see shows people are willing to pay for and they have succeeded.

Along with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, they also are releasing a second season of Hemlock Grove and the second season of Derek is currently available.

Sense8 available in 2015


Netflix is also currently in production of a new original science fiction series titled, Sense8. Sense8 is from the minds that produced the Matrix films.

The series follows eight characters around the world who, in the aftermath of a tragic death, find themselves linked to each other mentally and emotionally.

Robin Williams

A truly tragic event. From all of the recent coverage it seems Robbin Williams was not only a great comedian but an exceptionally kind human being.

There are several films starring Robin Williams available on Netflix streaming, including Popeye, The Fisher King and the exceptional, The Birdcage.

RIP Robin you will be missed.

Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon Prime is Netflix's closest competitor and would be a good addition to your streaming options.

Like Netflix Amazon Prime also produces some of it's own shows including Alpha House starring John Goodman.

Amazon offers a one month free trial to it's Amazon Prime service.

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